Japan is one of my favorite travel destinations. I’ve been to Japan many times, and it has always proved a unique cultural and aesthetically beautiful experience challenging much of how I previously experienced Asia, or travel anywhere else in the world. In my most recent visit I set out to start from Kagoshima in the south-west and move north through Kumamoto towards Fukuoka, taking in some of the spectacular scenic beauty of the region surrounding Aso, and Mount Aso at its center. An active volcano, at the center of a large crater, offering unique scenery, and the experience of Japanese nature hotsprings. To make things even better, it was autumn leaves season, making for some really unique nature colors, that I have not seen anywhere else in Asia and somewhat different than how I experienced those in Europe.


To share a bit of the beauty of that region, I give you my visions of Aso Japan.


Mount Aso



Crater around Mount Aso



Takachiho Gorge



Hotsprings town Miyama-sansou






九重夢大吊橋 Suspension Bridge



Nabegadaki Park



Minenoso Lake





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