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Touring Hong Kong : Nan Lian Garden

While the Taiwan blogosphere was meeting up in Hukou, I had to make an unscheduled trip to Hong Kong for about a week. This was my second time in Hong Kong after visiting Hong Kong for a VISA run 3 years ago and that was also for about a week. Since back then I already visited some of the main tourist attractions, I was hoping this trip I could see something new but was a bit worried that options for a tourist in Hong Kong would be a bit limited, Hong Kong being just a city. But it turned out that there were still a few beautiful spots in Hong Kong left for me to visit so between taking care of what I was in Hong Kong for, I also managed to visit some interesting attractions.

First up, is Nan Lian Garden, just off Diamond Hill MTR station :

The Garden is a designated public park, with an area of 35,000 sqare metres. It was designed and built by the Chi Lin Nunnery, entrusted by the Government, and is opened to the public in November 2006. It is currently managed by the Chi Lin Nunnery, also entrusted by the Government.

The Garden is built in the classical style of the Tang Dynasty (618 AD to 907 AD), on the blue print of Jiangshouju, the only Tang landscape garden the original layout of which can still be placed and traced today, and the shape of which bears a significant resemblance to the Garden site. Hills and rocks, waters, plants and timber structures are built and arranged according to classical Tang style and rules, accommodating the local environ, and the best view of the sprawling mountain range to the north is taken as the seamless backdrop.

Nan Lian Garden is pretty new, and they’ve done a wonderful job with this garden, allowing for a somewhat traditional Chinese style with the overwhelming Hong Kong skyscrapers in the background.

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong-32.JPG

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong-29.JPG

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong-26.JPG

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong-10.JPG

Notice people eating in a restaurant behind the waterfall?

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong-36.JPG

There’s also a huge temple next to the nunnery.

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong-58.JPG

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong-61.JPG

If you’re interested, there are alot more photos of Nin Lian Garden.

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  • I love Hong Kong! I will be going on my second visit next month and I was researching for other sites to see. Thanks for this info, I will definitely put this on our itinerary. The pictures alone are beautiful.

  • Great pix, Fili! thanks for the tour of HK! I'm sure you're a great tour guide for your mom. Still busy at that science/tech univ. in HK? Update,please. Best,Enjoy, Mike dunn

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