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Touring Hong Kong : Central, HK Zoo & HK Park

Last part of my Hong Kong trip includes the visit I had to Central. I was actually planning to go visit Macau that day, but the night before that I met a Turkish someone from Tainan who joined me for breakfast and since he strongly recommended the HK parks, I figured I might as well join him to take a look. I didn’t know him very well, only seeing him a few times while walking next to the Turkish restaurant, but he previously studied in my Chinese school and knew all my teacher friends so that made for some interesting conversation in the someone unfriendly Hong Kong.

I took the ferry across from Kowloon to Central…

Around Central Hong Kong-3.JPG

Saw some of the older European spots near Central MTR station…

Around Central Hong Kong-7.JPG

Around Central Hong Kong-16.JPG

Around Central Hong Kong-18.JPG

While watching some of the busy street life…

Around Central Hong Kong-28.JPG


The HK Zoological Park and Botanical Gardens was indeed a nice surprise, although requires that you be in good shape for the up-hill hiking.

Hong Kong Zoological Botanical Gardens-8.JPG

Hong Kong Zoological Botanical Gardens-9.JPG


The HK Park was even nicer, with a huge tropical bird cage.

Hong Kong Park-1.JPG

Hong Kong Park-18.JPG

Hong Kong Park-22.JPG

It was strange and exciting finding those two gorgeous parks in mid-Central between all the tall buildings. HK is a fascinatingly odd place.

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  • Aarrgh!!! So many places to see, so little time.

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