Tokyo’s a terrific city, well worth a few days of exploration. To sum up my trip to Japan, following is a summary of my visit to Japan’s Tokyo, suggesting a recommended itinerary for those interested.


Tokyo trip summary & 6 days recommended itinerary


Tip – I wrote a post for some cheap budget hotel accommodation in Toyko that might help with finding a decent stay in a very expensive city.



Tokyo trip summary & 6 days recommended itinerary 


It was a great trip. Hope that this short itinerary and the supporting blog posts would help those looking for some Tokyo tips. Let me know if you have any other suggestions and recommendations for Tokyo.

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Good info thnx – I'm planning on visiting this year so I'll leverage your Hotel recs also


Fantastic picture, I really love Japan, its true there are a lot of affordable Tokyo hotels and you just have to hunt around. I love how even the hotels often have crazy technology like those robotic toilets. Such a fun and beautiful place.


Very interesting article.
Question: what is the name of the temple in the above photo – the one with the cherry blossoms and the mountain the background? I cant seem to find what it is although is a very famous photo.
Thank you

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