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Teleférico en Rosales cable car : Madrid

Madrid has a cable car near the city center that takes you out to the main Madrid park and nearby amusement parks. I generally like cable cars and the opportunity to see a city from above, even if it’s usually over-priced and there’s typically a long wait. The Madrid cable car may seem promising on paper, it’s long, it’s high above green and less urban area, and it stops at the middle of a park. But, there are problems. The wait was longer than usual with no clear indication of how much longer it would take, the cable car operators messed up setting the cable to English, twice (!), the views turned out somewhat boring, and then the park at the end was just, well, disappointing. There’s nothing to do there, and although there are some views of Madrid from afar, it’s not the kind of park you’d want to linger at for hours.

Unless you’re going to the amusement park in the park, really fancy cable cars, or just happen to be in the area with free time and no queue, there’s no real reason for you to take this cable car. It’s a shame, really, since both the park and the cable car could be so much nicer.


Anyhow, here’s a bit of the ride, to give you a feel for it…





Definitely not a must. If you’re with kids, this might be a good combo with the nearby amusement park.

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