Another weekend to be spent indoors as the 3rd typhoon hits Taiwan in less than 10 days. This one, Sepat, is the biggest of them yet, and having seen what a small typhoon does to the sewer systems and infrastructure here in Tainan, I just can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

Taiwan's weather - 3 Typhoons in 10 days

Aside from the obvious implications of a typhoon, I can’t even begin to describe how badly these typhoons and the general burning hot weather affects my well-being. That’s even something that’s hard  to overcome when the weather does become slightly better. I sometimes feel like a zombie, being somewhat sleep deprived, constantly wanting to take a shower and not having enough energy to actually do anything. Coupled with the extreme language, people and culture isolation, struggling with intense Chinese classes and facing difficulties in doing the smallest of tasks,  I have to admit that this is not quite how I pictured things for my first few weeks in Taiwan.

Hopefully, once my body adjusts a little, I get the hang of things here and the weather changes a bit – things will brighten up and I’ll even be able to enjoy myself. Beginnings are always a bit difficult, right?

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