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Tainan’s Anping on a rainy day : Fifty Cent Deck, Eternal Golden Castle, Old Merchant’s House, Tree House

A friend came by from northern Taiwan to visit my little Tainan pond on the worst possible weather. For a while forecast was predicting a comfortable hot sunny day, but then it suddenly turned and rain started pouring like I’ve never seen before. Absolutely mad rain for hours and hours.

But that didn’t stop us, oh no. We almost insisted that the rain would actually provide us with a different view of Tainan, and in a way it did. Only us crazy folks come out in the rain, riding around in raincoats on our old motorbike.

There was this one place I’ve been meaning to check out for a while, but never had the chance before, since the Tainan branch is located next to Anping’s Eternal Golden Castle a bit far away. Fifty Cent Deck is the most impressive restaurant  I’ve seen in Tainan. I don’t know the whole story behind the woman artist-architect who designed this haven, but I can say that I was completely overwhelmed. Open wooden space, that gives the notion of privacy in a public place with a combination of  functionality preciseness and artistic beauty. The place’s indoors is truly an attraction, and the food was fabulous.

Fifty Cent Deck Anping Tainan.jpg Fifty Cent Deck Anping Tainan-4.jpg Fifty Cent Deck Anping Tainan-7.jpg Fifty Cent Deck Anping Tainan-8.jpg Fifty Cent Deck Anping Tainan-12.jpg Fifty Cent Deck Anping Tainan-15.jpg Fifty Cent Deck Anping Tainan-17.jpg Fifty Cent Deck Anping Tainan-16.jpg Fifty Cent Deck Anping Tainan-21.jpg Fifty Cent Deck Anping Tainan-20.jpg

A short visit to the Eternal Golden Castle to make sure it’s still there, and then off to one of my favorite spots in Anping – the Anping Tree House.

Anping Tree House-15.jpg Anping Tree House-13.jpg Anping Tree House-1.jpg

Next to it was the Old Merchants House showing the regular exhibitions.

Old Tait Co Merchant House -2.jpg Old Tait Co Merchant House -3.jpg Old Tait Co Merchant House -7.jpg

Old Tait Co Merchant House -9.jpg Old Tait Co Merchant House -10.jpg Old Tait Co Merchant House -12.jpg Old Tait Co Merchant House -13.jpg

Old Tait Co Merchant House -15.jpg Old Tait Co Merchant House -14.jpg Old Tait Co Merchant House -16.jpg

Since it was pouring endlessly, we had to wrap it up with some good-bye-farewell-Tainan shopping at Old Street with the traditional Anping sweets and snacks.

Anping Lao Jie traditional food-4.jpg Anping Lao Jie traditional food-5.jpg Anping Lao Jie traditional food.jpg Anping Lao Jie traditional food-1.jpg Anping Lao Jie traditional food-2.jpg Anping Lao Jie traditional food-8.jpg

Rain or not, I really like Anping.

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