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Tainan City & County: Attractions & Travel

Visiting Tainan City and Tainan Country? If you have some time to explore, there are quite a few interesting things for you to see. Following is a list of suggested things to do with an outline for a visit itinerary.

A word  of caution before I begin – while there’s alot to do I would say Tainan is not for everyone and not your typical world-class tourist destination. I remember an American professor who summarized his Tainan City visit saying "they took me to the best Tainan City historic attractions and it took exactly 10 minutes for me to go through the whole thing". But, if you’re passionate about Taiwan’s history and local temple culture – then you’ll enjoy Tainan alot, as I have.


Tainan City & County: Attractions & Travel


Tainan City – Local Attractions

Confucius Temple

Walking tour – Tainan Park, Chikan Towers, Matsu and Official God of War temple

Walking tour – Southern Gate, Wufei Temple, Koxinga Cheng Gong Shrine, Chikan Towers (more about Koxinga Shrine)


An Nan

Tainan City & County: Attractions & Travel

Tainan City Temple celebrations

If you’re into temple celebrations, Tainan’s definitely a crazy place during the summer. Try to visit around the local Daoist holidays, you won’t believe your eyes.

Another weekend in Tainan : Another God has a birthday

More from the Taiwanese temple celebration madness in Tainan

Taiwan temples celebrate 300 years for the Tainan Koxinga temple

Taiwanese culture : Temple Parade in Tainan-Taiwan


Tainan City & County: Attractions & Travel (from Hanjie’s blog – a Tainan based blogger)


Looking for places to eat/drink/hangout? other things to do at night? try "Loving Tainan" i-Tainan Tainan City Guide.

Tainan City & County: Attractions & Travel


Tainan County

Monkey Mountain

Nan-Kun-Shen Temple

Chimei Corporation private art museum

Guanziling – Fire in Water, Stone Baked Chicken and Hot Springs

Cigu Salt Mountain

Madou Dai Tien Wu Wang Temple – Five God’s Heaven and Hell

Lotus Town Baihe and Liousi Film Studios

Moon World


Tainan tourism videos

Touring beautiful Tainan : the Tainan City hot spots tourism guide videos

Tainan Tourism Videos : Time for you to come visit Tainan

many more Tainan videos on i-Tainan.


Other tourism related posts about Tainan City :

Tainan’s 2008 Dragon Boat Festival

Touring Tainan made easy : The Tainan tourist guiding boards

IT Business in Taiwan : The Tainan Science Park

Touring Tainan : The oldest tea shop in Taiwan

Sights and sounds from the 2007 Tainan International Chihsi Qixi Arts Festival

A night around Tainan : Tainan Culture Center & live music at Pioneer Pub

Tainan’s Flower Market

Touring Tainan County Baoan : The Taiwan Holocaust Museum

60 years of Israeli independence celebrated at the Tainan County Holocaust museum


Want more?

Tainan County – Official tourism website

Anping – Official tourism website


Enjoy. Feedback appreciated.


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