21 Jun, 2008 in Taiwan
Taiwan super buses-5.jpg

Instead of taking the train/HSR up to the airport, I took the regular night bus. It reminded me of my first arrival in Taiwan a few years back. Never in my life, anywhere else, have I seen anything like it. I’m a tall guy, way too tall for the average …

27 May, 2008 in Asia-Israel connections, Tainan
Israel 60 years independence holocaust museum tainan-1.JPG

The Tainan County Bao An Holocaust Museum had a ceremony to celebrate Israel’s 60 years of independence. I went there twice before to help them out with their request to learn how to sing some songs in Hebrew. Arriving there I met a large group of volunteering students from the nearby university who were …

20 May, 2008 in Taiwan
Taiwanese peculiarities - The sleeping man, dog riding, and the dancing worker

Almost everyday I come across some things here in Tainan-Taiwan that are strange, funny, and a bit special about the way that the Taiwanese do things. Some previous posts include: Taiwanese peculiarities and interesting anecdotes My visit to the Shao-lin Kung-Fu master  Worship of Israel Dance : Kaohsiung and Tainan – Taiwan …

10 May, 2008 in Kaohsiung
Old City West Gate of FengShan-3.JPG

To make up for what I missed in the first time I’ve been to Kaohsiung and Zuoying (“Touring Kaohsiung’s ZuoYing Lotus Pond – Tiger Dragon Pagoda, Emperor of Dark Heaven, Confucius, and Old City FengShan”) I revisited that area again with John. Parking down next to the Zuo-Ying Lotus Pond we noticed the other side […]

22 Apr, 2008 in India

Bangalore, as a general example of southern Indian cities, is a reminder that India can be different. More modern than Mumbai, more open than Delhi, cleaner than any of the other cities, Bangalore was a refreshing look at big Indian cities. Boys and girls holding hands, the ladies dressing up with cleavage, and all in-general […]

20 Apr, 2008 in India

The trip wasn’t well planned. We were too lazy to plan anything ourselves and ended up totally relying on agents that seemed like they knew something but as we executed their plan we always found out that they had their agenda. The drive day from Jodhpur to Udaipur through Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh was a bit […]

15 Apr, 2008 in India

Northern India was cold, really cold. We were told that it was the worst winter in 90 years, and that in China millions of Chinese were stuck because of sudden snow on their way home for Chinese New Years. Northern India, and especially Pushkar isn’t well prepared for this kind of cold, having no heating […]

14 Apr, 2008 in India
Amber Fort Jaipur.JPG

Early, 7am, we got ready to head to my favorite Indian fort – Jaipur’s Amber Fort. That marble structure up on the mountains against the clouded blue skies looking down at the old city is a sight I’ll never forget. Ever.     The Taiwanese group …

13 Apr, 2008 in India
Taj Mahal Agra-10.JPG

The Taj, is, well, is, eh… damn, it’s gorgeous. I can’t find anything new and interesting to say but that it’s, eh… damn, it’s gorgeous. It really is. We woke up early, really early, and made our way to the Taj Mahal and spent a few hours there. I’ve already found myself a new hobby […]

12 Apr, 2008 in India

We spent an exhausting night on a non-sleeper bus to Delhi, where – at 4:00am, we had to bargain our way through money thirsty Rickshaw drivers from the empty bus-station to the New Delhi train station where our train was going to take us further south. It was horrible. But, we finally made it to […]

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