30 Apr, 2014 in Southern Israel
Israeli Air Force Museum Beer Sheva Israel (42)

Aside from the very beautiful desert scenery and perhaps the old town and the Bedouin market there isn’t all that much to do in Beer-Sheva. There is, ofcourse, the Israeli air force museum which I’ve managed to successfully avoid all these years. But, since I was in the area, and it was already an hour […]

20 Sep, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Shih Shan Howitzer Park - Kinmen Island-005

While riding around Kinmen Island on my way to visit the wonderful Shanhou Folk Culture Village and see some old Fujianese architecture, I came across yet another army museum. Situated in the northeast part of Kinmen Island is the Lion Mountain featuring a park and museum dedicated to an underground howitzer base (獅山炮陳地).   …

15 Aug, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Peace Memorial Park - Kinmen Island-001

There’s still some time before any peace would come between Taiwan and the mainland, but with the recent changes in policy in the Taiwanese administration both sides have atleast tried to pretend there might be some peaceful resolution to this awkward situation. Riding the motorcycle from the War Museum on northwestern Kinmen island towards the […]

9 Aug, 2012 in Pennsylvania
Gettysburg - Pennsylvania (17).JPG

Gettysburg carries with it a special meaning for the Americans, as it is considered one of the most important battles in American history that determined the fate of the American Civil War. This was the battle where Lee of the southern armies was finally stopped and turned back from his crusade into the north. …

15 Sep, 2007 in Taiwan
Anping Eternal Golden Castle-11.JPG

A few days ago I went back with a friend to continue my tour of Tainan’s older area – Anping. First up, was Eternal Golden Castle, Fort Zeelandia’s bigger, newer and more modernized fort. Shen, Bao-Jhen, one of famous officials in Cing Dynasty, built it in 1874 and finished in 1876, in order to …

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