15 Aug, 2019 in Hvar, Visions

This summer I needed a retreat following a European work visit, so I took a quick flight to Rijeka in Croatia so get closer to the coastline and get some warm weather. After a quick visit to Zagreb, I took a flight down to Split, and after a couple of days decided to take the […]

21 Dec, 2014 in Yearly summaries

What did 2014 look like?  2014 marked an important change in my life. After 5 years as a PhD student living in Hong Kong I finally defended my dissertation and graduated the PhD to leave Asia and begin a postdoc in the United States. Most of this year was surrounding these big events, and so […]

6 Jan, 2014 in World

What better way to sum up 2013 than photos? While I still carry around a heavy DSLR, 2013 was definitely the year of the mobile, as I shift more of the light lifting photography to my mobile. In 2012 I got myself a decent Android smartphone that had a reasonable camera (Nexus Galaxy) and Instragram […]

21 Feb, 2013 in Chicago, Itineraries
Lake Michigan walk - Chicago (14).JPG

Chicago is perhaps one of the nicest urban surprises I’ve had in recent years. Coming in for a conference visit I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect but Chicago has far exceeded any expectations I had. May provided me with perfect weather to enjoy all that Chicago has to offer – wonderful urban …

30 Dec, 2012 in Yearly summaries
My 2012 : Year Summary

So what did 2012 look like? to me this was a year focused around academia. After settling down into the PhD program and generally figuring out what my research directions are, my travels were mostly around the places where my academic journey has led me.   Since I’m always behind on my blogging …

29 Dec, 2012 in New York City, Visions
New York City Central Park

New York City is everything I remembered it to be and much more. Last time I was in NYC as a tourist, it was 2001 just after 9/11 to visit a friend studying in Julliard, and it was a bit depressing, so this was my chance to relive NYC as a tourist and during the […]

27 Dec, 2012 in Beijing, Itineraries
Forbidden city Beijing (7).JPG

I finally made it to Beijing. It took over three years of living in Hong Kong but it finally happened, and I have my father to thank for that. Beijing was our last stop in a trip that started in Hong Kong, went up north to the Shanghai-Nanjing-Suzhou area and then all the way up […]

28 Nov, 2012 in Itineraries, Xiamen
Xiamen University - Xiamen (16).JPG

Xiamen was a very pleasant surprise. It’s not too crowded, quite tourist friendly, very well developed, and has a special charm which combines the scenic beauty of a coastal city with lots of colonial and regional history.   To summarize my trip to Xiamen, following are the posts I wrote about my short visit to […]

24 Nov, 2012 in Itineraries, Seoul

My second trip to Korea was very different than my first one. My first visit to Korea was with an all-Chinese no-English organized Taiwanese group, which – while been the most amazing travel bargain I’ve ever experienced – was completely out of my control. I felt like I was treated like a spoiled kid, or […]

20 Nov, 2012 in Itineraries, Philippines
Northern Beach Siquijor (87).JPG

Last year I took some time off during summer break to get away from Hong Kong and visit one of the nearby sensational tropical attractions. At that time, a new budget airline by the name of Airphil Express just opened up with insane return fares going from Hong Kong to Cebu for 750HK$ (~95US$), and […]

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