10 Aug, 2014 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo
Da Vinci Alive Exhibition Tel Aviv-044

On my last visit to Israel I was invited to go see the Da Vinci Alive Exhibition in the Tel Aviv exhibition center. This is a world traveling show highlighting some of Da Vinci’s famous work and building working models based on his theoretical work. An exceptionally interesting exhibition about one of the old world’s […]

25 Aug, 2012 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo
Tel Aviv Harbor (9).JPG

Of all the changes that have taken place in Tel Aviv over the last decade, the one at the Tel Aviv harbor is probably the one I find most impressive. From a run-down deserted wasteland to a wonderful stretch of non-imposing bars, restaurants, and shopping options.   A good time to …

30 Nov, 2011 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo
Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (1).JPG

Suppose that you have just one day to show Tel Aviv to a visiting foreigner friend, what would you show? To me, there’s little doubt that the loveliest place to start from in Tel Aviv after the gorgeous nearby old city of Jaffa, is the neighborhood of Neve Tsedek. In Neve Tsedek, I allow myself […]

29 Mar, 2011 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo
Tel Aviv beach (20).JPG

One of the nicest things about Tel Aviv are the city beaches. When I was a kid my family, sometimes with my dad’s extended family, would go to Tel Aviv to visit my grandmother on Fridays and spend long hours on the beach, just hanging out and cooling down in the water. Every time I […]

26 Jun, 2010 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo
Yarkon Park - Tel Aviv 

The Tel-Aviv municipality managed to take the area around the radio-active water-stream of the Yarkon River and turn it into a fairly nice and active Park Hayarkon (Ganei Yehoshua). It has been there for many years, but I think it’s looking much better now. Not nearly enough has been done to address the water …

24 Jun, 2010 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo
Jaffa (49).JPG

The old city of Jaffa is a magical place. It offers stunning views of the Tel Aviv coast-line and beautiful stone-built historical buildings, now occupied by art galleries, theaters and restaurants. You can quietly wonder around the narrow alleys, go up to some of the roof-tops and stroll around history. …

23 May, 2010 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo
Neve Tzedek - Israel (10).JPG

Neve Tsedek is one of my favorite parts of Tel Aviv, with a special magical charm that’s difficult not to fall in love with. It is a residential area, but there are alot of art galleries, high-quality chic coffee shops, boutique hotels, health food stores, and walking around you can immediately see it has a […]

22 Sep, 2009 in Israel
Google Tel Aviv-7.JPG

One of my good friends in Israel has been working in Google Israel for quite some time now. When I came to visit him in my recent visit to Israel he took me up to see Google’s Tel Aviv office and the stunning views of southern Tel Aviv. The working environment in Google, as should […]

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