1 Nov, 2017 in Liege

Lots of great exhibitions going on in Liege. I previous attended the wonderful “From Salvador to Dali” in 2016, and returned in 2017 to visit the “I will be 20 in 2030”, a funky look at our not so distant future with all that’s happening now with science and technology and the changes happening in […]

11 Oct, 2016 in Nagoya

Nagoya in southern Japan is famous for its automobile car industry, and Toyota is one of the most famous Japanese global brands. One of the highlights in Nagoya is to visit the Toyota factory and technology-industry museums to learn a bit of the history and current state of this successful company. I wasn’t sure what […]

30 Oct, 2015 in Moscow
Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines  Moscow Russia (1)

So you’re visiting another place, weather isn’t great, and you’re looking for a museum to visit. Sure, you could go to another art museum, another national history museum, another science museum, -yawn-, but if – like me – you’ve already seen dozens of those museum all over the world you’ll probably be looking for something […]

29 Dec, 2013 in Orlando
Epcot Disney Orlando (27)

The Walt Disney World and Epcot Center are some of the most vivid memories I have from my year living in the states in 1989. Based in Topeka middle-of-no-where Kansas the family set off for a trip to Florida and Orlando spending a few days in kids’ paradise. It was around Christmas and Hannukah time […]

20 Jul, 2012 in Chicago
Museum of Science and Technology - Chicago (1).JPG

Chicago has some world class museums, and the Museum of Science and Industry is a good example for that. After my visit to the University of Chicago campus near Hyde Park area, I took a stroll towards the east to visit the museum.   One of the first remarkable features of this …

6 Mar, 2011 in Taipei
Taipei Flora Expo 2010-1 (62).JPG

Taiwan is hosting the international flora exposition in Taipei till April 25 2011. Even if you’re not that much into flowers, this is one event that you won’t want to miss. Taipei has done an extremely good job with this one, combining four big parks with some really terrific exhibitions and dedicated pavilions. Of …

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