27 Feb, 2014 in Beijing
Baiyun Guan White Cloud Temple  Beijing (1)

Lots of religious worship sites around Beijing. I previously visited a Confucian temple and a large Buddhist temple next to it – Yonghegong. While Cloud Temple is a good example of a Daoist temple in Beijing. Dating back to the 8th century Tang dynasty. Daoism was promoted as the Tangs extended influence in an attempt […]

24 Jul, 2013 in HK Places
Yuen Yuen Institute - Hong Kong (27)

A few weeks after returning from a visitor scholar attachment to Florida State University, the professor I was working with reciprocated with a visit to Hong Kong with his daughter. Being the local, I was happy to suggest the good old tourist attractions that are the must TODO list for most people coming in to […]

20 Jul, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Jinsha Shaobei City God Festival - Kinmen Island (43)

Sometimes travel is mostly about luck, and on my recent trip to Kinmen luck was definitely on my side. As I entered Kinmen via a ferry from Xiamen and sat down with the shy guy in the welcoming Tourist Information Center it took a few minutes of pushing him with questions for him to finally […]

6 Jul, 2013 in Shanghai
ZhouZhuang watertown - Shanghai-089

Quite a few things to see when visiting the gorgeous watertown of Zhou Zhuang between Suzhou and Shanghai, but of all the local attractions the most impressive is perhaps the Quanfu Temple dedicated to Buddhism. It dates back to the Song dynasty (1086) and has recently gone through some impressive reconstruction.   …

30 Sep, 2012 in Taipei
Xingtian Temple Taipei (5).JPG

Knowing Taipei as well as I do it’s somewhat surprising I never got around to visit one of Taiwan’s most popular temples – Xingtian Temple. In my recent visit to Taipei I finally remedied that, and after a visit to the nearby remains of the Taipei Flora Expo I walked a few blocks and made […]

19 Sep, 2011 in Taipei
Chih Nan Temple Muzha (31).JPG

Up the monkey mountains of Muzha (Houshan, 猴山) on the terrific Maokong Gondola is one of Taipei’s prime temples – Chi Nan Temple – offering superb views of southern Taipei City combined with the cultural atmosphere of the local religions. The temple is dedicated to Lu Dongbin, arguably the leader of the Eight Immortals, who […]

4 May, 2009 in Chinese culture, HK Events
Tin Hao Festival Joss House Bay-38.JPG

Tin Hau – Goddess of the sea, better know in Taiwan as Matzu (媽祖 Māzǔ), is one of the most popular Gods in the Taiwan, southern China and Hong Kong area. Discover Hong Kong alerted me to the celebrations of Tin Hau festival taking place not too far away from the campus in Sai Kung’s […]

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