28 Aug, 2017 in Penghu islands

Last summer I did a scooter trip roaming through the Taiwanese islands of Penghu. Combing gorgeous beaches, fascinating local cultural life, war history, it was a trip to remember, exactly the kind of adventure I like. Each of the spots I stopped at had something special and me being there on my own made it […]

19 Jan, 2017 in Taipei

Houtong in Ruifang an hour from Taipei close to Jiufen and Keelung offers funky attractions. The former mining colony now mainly attracts the Taiwanese tourists for its “cat village”, where cats basically roam around in large numbers as if they’re part of the community. With all due respect to cats, I think the bigger story […]

17 Oct, 2016 in Penghu islands

During my last visit to Taiwan I finally made the trip to visit the remote Penghu islands. Although I’ve lived in Taiwan on and off for almost two years, I never had the chance to go visit, and so when visiting back and looking for something new I knew this is where I should be. […]

20 Nov, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Ci Hu Lake - Kinmen (5)

Venturing out of Jincheng town in Kinmen on a motorcycle for a cross-island ride, the first stop along the way was near Cihu (Ci lake), in the northwestern part of the main Jinmen Island. The main story about Kinmen is definitely the cold war between mainland China and Taiwan, as Kinmen served as an isolated […]

3 Jul, 2010 in Taiwan
Food Taiwan Trip June 2010 

It’s not all Taiwanese, there’s some Japanese, Hong-Kongese and Chinese, but I thought I’d share some photos of the food I had while I was away in Taiwan. If you’re living in Asia – it might not be that exciting, just the kind of food you get to eat on a regular basis. For me, […]

1 Jul, 2010 in Taipei
Old Taiwanese songs @NTU Community Arts Festival 2010

When visiting Taipei’s Gong Guan area next to National Taiwan University I happened to come across the National Taiwan University Community Arts Festival 2010 with some local performances of both amateur and professional performers.   Watch their promotional videos here :   Some well known singers from …

12 Jul, 2009 in Tainan
Tainan Anping Harbor International Boat Festival 2009 (27).JPG

Last week Tainan City hosted the "International Boat Festival 2009". Tainan City and International in the same title sounds a bit like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Tainan’s trying. They put up an English website, prepared English flyers and all, but it’s not quite there yet. It would still take a while for Tainan to be […]

14 Apr, 2009 in Pingtung
Hengchun old town-1.JPG

Hengchun (恆春鎮, meaning Town of Eternal Spring) received fame last year through Cape no. 7, Taiwan’s highly successful movie set in southern Taiwan. What I was mainly impressed with, is how well the old town of Hengchun is preserved. Built over 130 years ago, Hengchun carries with it a very interesting history of Taiwan. …

Love Kaohsiung Music Festival 愛戀高雄 : Old Taiwanese Songs

A few days ago I went to a music festival “Sunset on Sizihwan Bay and fall in love with Kaoshiung” (愛戀高雄). It was the last day of a long running festival going from the 6th of July till the 31st of August, featuring free parking, free water-banana and kayak rides and open performances of some […]

2 May, 2008 in Taiwan

Hey, this kind’o seems familiar …   Me : Hi, do you speak English? Taiwanese : <embarrassed look, seeking someone else in the area> Eh, eh, hmm… eh, English, no… sorry. Me : It’s just that I’m a bit lost. Taiwanese : Lost, oh, I see, that’s too bad. Me : …

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