18 Apr, 2009 in Tainan

Tainan garbage trucks are now back into teaching English to the local Taiwanese. After suspending the program last year, someone in Tainan City decided that Tainan can’t do without those valuable English lessons. I was shocked as to the English lesson of last week : If you listen to it, you’ll …

12 Feb, 2009 in Tainan
Tainan Anping Eternal Golden Castle-1.JPG

My mother was visiting Taiwan for 3 weeks and that was a good opportunity for me to revisit some of my favorite spots and rediscover new ones. Joining up with my Taiwanese friend we set out to explore Anping. Among the stops – Anping’s Eternal Golden Castle. Actually, I’ve been to Eternal Golden Castle …

23 Nov, 2008 in Tainan
Tainan sky sunset-3.JPG

The weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous with such clear air that you can see all the way through to the central mountains on the east and the ocean to the south-west. I went up to one of the roofs in East Tainan to take a few photos. Although East-Tainan isn’t nice to look at, […]

22 Nov, 2008 in Taiwan
Taiwan Google Maps now include Pinyin English names

A question for you – what’s different with this Google map of Tainan? (captured from the Tainan Directory on a Google map on INCKU frontpage) Yep, it’s hard to believe but along side the Chinese street names are now Pinyin English street names. Yippi! At first, it took me a …

1 Sep, 2008 in Tainan, Taiwanese Pop Culture
“Made in Tainan” Live Music Festival at Anping

“Made in Tainan” took place last Saturday at the Anping harbor area in western Tainan. Tainan Bulletin had the following : 14:00~14:50 Sun Of Morning 15:00~15:50 Bugs Of Phonon …

21 Jun, 2008 in Taiwan
Taiwan super buses-5.jpg

Instead of taking the train/HSR up to the airport, I took the regular night bus. It reminded me of my first arrival in Taiwan a few years back. Never in my life, anywhere else, have I seen anything like it. I’m a tall guy, way too tall for the average …

20 Jun, 2008 in Tainan
Fifty Cent Deck Anping Tainan.jpg

A friend came by from northern Taiwan to visit my little Tainan pond on the worst possible weather. For a while forecast was predicting a comfortable hot sunny day, but then it suddenly turned and rain started pouring like I’ve never seen before. Absolutely mad rain for …

5 Jun, 2008 in Tainan
Touring Tainan made easy : The Tainan tourist guiding boards

Till recently those signs were rare being just in the tourist spots in Tainan like next to the Chikan Towers, but it seems that in the past few weeks Tainan city tourism bureau has been putting them all over town, even the less touristic east side. I was surprised to see a few next to […]

20 May, 2008 in Taiwan
Taiwanese peculiarities - The sleeping man, dog riding, and the dancing worker

Almost everyday I come across some things here in Tainan-Taiwan that are strange, funny, and a bit special about the way that the Taiwanese do things. Some previous posts include: Taiwanese peculiarities and interesting anecdotes My visit to the Shao-lin Kung-Fu master  Worship of Israel Dance : Kaohsiung and Tainan – Taiwan …

9 May, 2008 in Tainan
Tainan Autumn.JPG

Tropical weather usually doesn’t really allow for an authentic autumn-spring look, but, riding around Tainan city the past month I came across a few beautiful autumn-spring spots. Next the Tainan City Council:     And in Dong-Fong road, next to the university (by email):     In Tainan… …

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