14 May, 2017 in Madrid

Toledo is a gorgeous mountain-top fortified city with a very rich history dating back the 2nd century BC, passing through the hands of many different regional powers. One of the fascinating things to see in Toledo is how they’ve built on this history to boost up tourism, and one of the prime examples is the local […]

19 Apr, 2017 in Yangon

When visiting Yangon I stayed at the very hectic China Town area. Bustling local life, filled with street stalls and grungy eateries up till the very late hours, with some very diverse populations of both Burmese, Chinese, Napalese, Indians, and other origins I wasn’t really able to make out. To my great surprise, very close […]

11 Mar, 2016 in Amsterdam
Jewish Portuguese Synagogue Amsterdam Netherlands-001

In my last visit to Amsterdam to visit colleagues and attend a seminar at the wonderful UvA business school, I stayed overnight near the campus. Little did I know that the area north to UvA used to be the old Jewish area of Amsterdam, with rich history, and vibrant community life, that ended tragically during […]

4 Jun, 2013 in HK Places
Ohel Leah Synagogue - Central - Midlevels - Hong Kong (2)

The Hong Kong Jewish community dates back as far as the British arriving in the area during mid 19th century. Some of the Jewish families, especially the Sassoons and the Kadoories, soon turned wealthy business entrepreneurs becoming prominent members of the expat Hong Kong community. The Kadoories are very much known in HK till this […]

3 Jun, 2013 in New York City
Eldrige Street Synagogue Museum : China Town - New York City

The Eldrige Street Museum was a lovely unexpected surprise, being based in an old 1887 synagogue of the former Jewish community that once lived near today’s China Town. I came up from an exchange in Florida to cold New York City to meet my sister who was on an exchange to NYU, where I met […]

Ohel Moishe Synagogue (12).JPG

During the time around the rise of the Nazi party in Germany and the second world war a few tens of thousands of Jews fled from Europe to seek refuge in Shanghai. Shanghai was one of the very few locations around the world willing to accept the escaping Jews, and Ohel Moishe Synagogue was the […]

3 Oct, 2010 in Jerusalem
Palm Sunday - Old City - Jerusalem - 2010 (14).JPG

I live abroad and try to travel often, but Jerusalem is where I’m from. It matters not how many times I walk around the tiny old city of Jerusalem, there’s always something new and magical to be discovered. Last Palm Sunday, around Easter time, I headed over to the old city for another tour of […]

9 Sep, 2010 in Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik - Croatia-18.JPG

I bet you didn’t know that Dubrovnik in Croatia hosts one of the oldest Sefardic synagogues still in use today and generally the second oldest synagogue in Europe. Dating back as far as 1352, the old Jewish synagogue, now turned into a tourist attraction with a local Jewish museum, is still up and running – […]

23 Jul, 2010 in Northern Israel
Safed - Northern Israel 

Safed in northern Israel is one of those ancient holy cities over 2000 years old where Jews have always lived and studied, even throughout the many years of recorded Jewish exile. The remaining old synagogues of Safed, dating back to the 15th and 16 centuries, were the heart of those Safed Jewish communities. Many of […]

28 Feb, 2009 in HK Places
Jewish Ohel Leah Synagogue

Being in Asia, it’s been ages since I attended anything remotely Jewish related outside Israel. But the HKUST international undergraduate guidebook I got while listening on an orientation I wasn’t meant for, suggested that there is a lively Jewish community in Hong Kong and that it might be worth checking out as the Jewish Ohel […]

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