2 Jul, 2017 in London

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Royal Holloway University of London, on the outskirts of London close to Windsor and so had the chance to see a bit of the area. On this visit, I decided not to spend the little time I had to see the castle, which I visited on other occasions […]

3 May, 2017 in Taipei

Last summer I made a stop in my old home of Taiwan on the way back to Europe from a summer conference/visit to Japan. To me, Taiwan is filled with nostalgia. In the time that I lived there I think I did a pretty good job of covering all the highlights and so it doesn’t […]

29 Jul, 2016 in Limburg

I was visiting northern Limburg with my parents, and after roaming around and seeing white town Thorn and some of the nearby lakes, we decided to head over and check out Roermond. Turns out that Roermond features a very large outlet center and my parents wanted to see if there was anything interesting to bring […]

28 Mar, 2016 in London
Camden Lock London

Lots to see and do in London. It’s an exciting world city, with all sorts of areas with a different vibe, and part of the charm is being able to take a quick tube ride and get into a completely different atmosphere. One of my favorite areas in my visits to London many years back […]

27 Apr, 2012 in Xiamen
Zhong Shan shopping street - Xiamen (18).JPG

Care for some Chinese street food? Then just head down to the local Chinese main street at night time and you’ll have endless options of all shapes, tastes and sizes. Most chances are that this main street you’ll go to would be named about China’s most beloved Sun Yat Sen, the leader of the 1911 […]

25 Oct, 2011 in Shanghai
Xintiandi (3).JPG

If you want to see the old residential Shanghai Shikumen transformed into leisure boutiques, restaurants and shopping, then Xian Tian Di is your place. It has quite a history to it… it’s where the founding fathers of the Communist party sat together to design the takeover and future of modern China. It’s recently gone through […]

8 Oct, 2011 in HK Places
Western Market - Sheung Wan - HK Island (1).JPG

Down Des Voeux Road crossing Hong Kong Island’s Central area towards Sheung Wan is an old indoor market dating back to the days of old Hong Kong – Western Market. The northern part that remains a shopping area today was constructed a bit later in 1906. It’s a good tourist stop in Sheung …

14 May, 2011 in HK Places
Sheung Wan - HK Island (12).JPG

Looking for a bargain on Chinese antiques? I suggest you start from the Thieves’ Market (Cat Street, or Cat Alley) up on Lascar Row from Sheung Wan. There’s a lot of touristic and antique fake junk there to complement the nearby Hollywood street which tends to sell the upmarket authentic stuff. If you’re lucky and […]

4 Apr, 2011 in Shanghai
Taikang Road Art Centre (14).JPG

Taikang road is one of the nicest areas I’ve visited in Shanghai. Located at the southern side of the French Concession district is a blooming area for arts and crafts, set in a Chinese-colonial mixed alley  atmosphere, hosting a wide range of boutique shops. Personally, I think it’s a lot nicer than Xintiandi, more laid-back, […]

2 Mar, 2011 in Jerusalem
Mamila - Jerusalem (31).JPG

Welcome to Mamilla. It’s been up for around 2-3 years now, but still looking brand new and quite impressive. When I visit back home or introduce Jerusalem to friends and need a place to sit down for coffee, this is the place to go. If only we had more of those little projects, instead of […]

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