9 Dec, 2017 in Visions, Zurich

During my last month of two years in Europe I had an opportunity to do some quick getaways that proved quite amazing. One such unexpected treat was Switzerland. I’ve done Geneva and Lausanne before in the French part of Switzerland, but this time made my way up to the German part of the country in […]

13 Nov, 2015 in Abruzzo
Pacentro Abruzzo Italy (11)

Italy has lots of gorgeous places to visit, but most of the top familiar attractions are packed with tourists. We were looking for something not too far away from Rome but a bit off the beaten track, where there’s a chance that we’ll be the only foreign tourists. Abruzzo, east of Rome, offers many such […]

8 Nov, 2015 in Saint Petersburg
Saint Isaac

When I stopped over in Moscow for a few days I was contemplating whether I have enough time to go see Saint Petersburg, but everyone I asked recommended that I do without any hesitation. So, early morning I took the 4-hour fast train to Saint Petersburg without doing any homework and not knowing what to […]

3 Jun, 2015 in Munich
Lake Starnberg Munich Germany (36)

Munich is a charming city, but there’s also a lot to explore in the nearby area. After a few days of gloomy European weather, the sun finally came out, and so it was time to hit the road and explore a bit of the nature surrounding Munich. Lake Starnberg proved to be a wonderful retreat […]

2 Sep, 2014 in Kyoto
Kiyumizu Dera  Kyoto (15)

To continue my Kyoto temple run, I went up the mountain to visit the lovely Kiyumizu Dera temple. To get to this temple you’ll go through some wonderful yet highly commercialized Japanese old-style shopping streets offering some of the local snacks and cuisine. Once you enter the temple complex and arrive at the temple top, […]

13 May, 2014 in Netherlands
Zaanse Schans Netherlands-023

When people think about the Netherlands, usually the images of picturesque windmills next to farm fields and lakes comes to mind, with wooden shoes and cheese a close second. Well, Zaanse Schans is all that and more. Windmills, check, farm fields, you got it, lakes? water all over the place. Yep, it even has cheese […]

6 Aug, 2013 in HK Culture & Life

Unexpectedly, I discovered an amazing place to get some stunning views of Hong Kong. In the heart of Wanchai, just next to the Pawn, is an upscale building called J-Residence (on Ship st.). For a farewell party to a dear friend leaving Hong Kong, we were invited to the J-Residence sky-lounge and once I got […]

16 Jun, 2013 in Boston
Prudential Square and Skywalk - Boston (7)

Want to see Boston from Above? Make you way to Prudential Square into Prudential Center and up the Prudential Tower to the Skywalk Observatory on the 50th floor to get some superb views of this beautiful city. The area surrounding the Prudential Center also offers some interesting architecture and if you feel like …

6 Jun, 2013 in Puerto Rico
El Yunque Rain Forest-012

Looking for a lovely nature day-trip in Puerto Rico away from San Juan. Lots of wonderful options for you to choose from, but there’s one that really stands out – the El Yunque Rain Forest, the only rainforest under the United States National Forest System. The trip was an easy choice with the rental car […]

5 May, 2013 in Florida
National Naval Aviation Museum Pensacola (9).JPG

Want to see the beautiful Pensacola coastline from above? The historic Pensacola Lighthouse in the navy base near Pensacola is absolutely perfect for that with breathtaking panoramic views that are bound to stay with you for long. Downstairs, there’s also a small museum for you to review the history of the place and get a […]

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