18 Aug, 2016 in HKUST, Visions
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology HK Visions (15)

I recently revisited my old home of Hong Kong and stayed over as a guest on the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) campus at the new hotel next the new buildings for the business school and the Institute of Advanced Studies (Conference Lodge). Although I know this campus and the Sai Kung […]

21 Feb, 2012 in HK Places
HKUST MGMT 2011 Christmas Boat Trip (44).JPG

I’m quite blessed. The small university I’m currently with – HKUST – is located on a mountain ridge overlooking the Sai Kung Peninsula with some of the best scenic views of any university anywhere in the world. Campus reaches all the way down to the water, so we have two little beaches and our very […]

23 Aug, 2011 in HK Events, HKUST
PlanetSolar at HKUST-48.JPG

Planet Solar, the solar powered boat that’s circling the world, has taken a short trip away from the Hong Kong harbour in Kowloon to visit us students at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). HKUST is located near the Sai Kung Peninsula which – aside from the breathing views – also …

28 Jul, 2011 in HK Places
Sai Kung Peninsula (4).JPG

On a gorgeous sunny blue skies day I took out my newly bought Sony Alpha55 camera for a spin to try and capture the true beauty of the Sai Kung Peninsula surrounding my university. I went up to the highest floor in the HKUST academic building, where the university elite meet to discuss their important […]

28 Nov, 2010 in HKUST
HKUST campus.26.jpg

There are a few special advantages to studying with HKUST that have nothing to do with academics and research. There’s little doubt in my mind that the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has a campus with the most gorgeous scenery I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few universities. On a clear […]

18 May, 2010 in HK Places
Sharp Island Sai Kung 

Sharp Island, a 10-minute boat trip from Sai Kung town or HKUST, is a lovely get-away from the hustle-bustle of school/city. Mostly empty, even on the busy weekends, and with some fine quiet beaches and a nice hiking trail. The HK government website introduces : Sharp Island has gained …

17 May, 2010 in HK Attractions
Kau Sai Chau (9).JPG

Kau Sai Chau’s Golf Course is as good as it gets with public golf courses. Set in the beautiful scenery of Sai Kung Peninsula, looking terrific from my university (HKUST) not too far away, people might go there to golf – but the view and the settings is what makes it special. There are other […]

23 Oct, 2009 in HK Places
Sai Kung Boardwalk-30.JPG

Sai Kung, about 10-15 minutes bus ride away from HKUST, is a lovely place to visit. A combination of busy local fishing culture and residing expats who were looking for a comfortable getaway from HK island, Sai Kung has alot to offer – beaches, great restaurants, and beautiful views of the outlying islands. It’s also […]

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