10 Apr, 2017 in Tivoli

To wrap up the wonderful daytrip to Tivoli from Rome with my little sis (see previous “Gardens of Villa d’Este : Tivoli”), I’ll take you on a walking tour around Tivoli and we’ll end it at the Parco Villa Gregoriana down the town acropolis with dream-like forests, gorges, waterfalls, and – ofcourse – gorgeous historical architecture and […]

22 Sep, 2016 in Limburg
Museum Romeinse Katakomben Valkenburg (33)

20 minutes from Maastricht towards the east is the hilly area of Valkenburg, with some odd attractions. Turns out, that the uncommon Dutch hills were used for all sorts of strange ventures. In some instances, local entrepreneurs just dug the hills for building materials and through that created a large array of underground tunnels, later […]

24 Jan, 2016 in Rome
Ancient Palatine Palatino Hill Rome (8)

Rome offers many remarkable and relatively well-preserved historical sites, but modern times and the development of Rome throughout the centuries has made it rather difficult to really get a feel of ancient times without any modern buildings around. But Palatine Hill and the nearby Roman Forum areas will take you back in time to show you a bit of […]

13 Jan, 2016 in Rome
Altare della Patria Piazza Venezia Rome-013

If you’re looking for scenic views from a hilltop at ancient Rome, then head over to the Terrace of the Chariots at the Altare della Patria near Piazza Venezia and take it all in. If you’re willing to wait a bit and put in some cash, you can even take the elevator higher up for even more […]

21 Oct, 2015 in Rome
Colosseum Rome Italy (4)

The Colosseum, one of the world’s most recognizable relics of the ancient world, representing a long gone era of a great empire. With all that’s Italy been through since it’s a miracle it stands as it does. The problem with universality recognized symbols is that they are considered a must-do attractions for all visitors and […]

14 Oct, 2015 in Rome, Visions
Pacentro Abruzzo Italy (1)

After a week of Northern Italy in the tourist meccas of Florence and Milan, it was time to venture to the less visited parts of Italy. Abruzzo, only a few hours east to Rome, has a few scenic mountain national parks and roads with lots of hotsprings and hidden old towns. We ventured out to […]

13 Sep, 2015 in Rome
Trajan's Forum Rome Italy (12)

Roaming through the gorgeous city of Rome there were historical and architectural gems in every corner. At the heart of Rome, not too far away from the Coliseum, is Trajan’s Forum, a public square erected by emperor Trajan to celebrate the captures from Dacia in 106AD. It’s quite surprising how much still remains today, surrounding […]

17 Apr, 2015 in Rome, Visions
Visions of Rome Italy (1)

In the last year I’ve had the pleasure of stopping over in Rome on three different occasions. The first couple of times it was only for a day or two, one of those with circumstances beyond my control when my connecting flight was cancelled and Alitalia sponsored my unexpected stay. Even though these first two […]

25 Nov, 2014 in Rome
Pantheon  Rome (4)

A forced stayover in Rome due to the conflict in my intended destination gave me a day to explore the wonders of Rome. I decided to spend the day roaming around the city by foot, walking between Piazzas aimlessly, enjoying the Italian culture, the food and the atmosphere. Tourists aside, this makes for a very […]

1 Oct, 2014 in Rome
Castel SantAngelo  Rome Italy (29)

Wasn’t planning to visit Italy, but the conflict in Israel resulted in the Italian airline flying me from Paris to visit my family in Israel refusing to fly to Israel for a few days. I think most Israelis were pretty upset with this unexpected forced vacation, but I didn’t mind, as long as Alitalia was […]

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