17 Apr, 2014 in HK Places
Nan Lian Gardens Diamond Hill HK (2)

I took a Chinese visitor to Hong Kong to see some of the local temple culture on a temple run day. We started at the quiet and beautiful  Nan Lian gardens and Chu Lin Nunnery near Diamond Hill, continues to the hectic Wong Tai Sin and then made our way to the 10000 Buddhas near […]

13 Mar, 2014 in Kamakura
Engakuji Temple Kamakura Japan (30)

One of the largest Zen Buddhist temples in Japan and situated in a gorgeous forested area in the lovely Kamakura, a day trip from Tokyo, is the Engaku-ji Temple. The temple dates back to the 13th century and is a gorgeous example of Japanese Zen tranquil atmosphere. Even though I failed to visit during the […]

10 Feb, 2014 in Kamakura
Great Buddha -Kotokuin Temple - Kamakura (6)

Continuing the temple tour of the magical Kamakura area, a daytrip from Tokyo, is Japan’s second tallest Buddha statue at the Kotoku-in Temple. A somewhat humble temple compared to others in the area (e.g. Hasedera or Tsurugaoka Hachimangu), it still attracts attention due to this large statue, constructed mid 13th century. You can even go […]

4 Feb, 2014 in Beijing
Xishiku Church of the Saviour Cathedral  Beijing (5)

To my surprise, Beijing has a bit of a religious diversity. I wasn’t expecting to find anything other than Daoist, Buddhist or Confucian temples, but it turns out the colonial powers have managed to infiltrate in and somehow survive communism. Xishiku Cathedral, or Church of the Saviour, is the largest of the churches, dating back […]

28 Jan, 2014 in Kamakura
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine  Kamakora Japan (15)

Kamakora, a daytrip away from Tokyo, is a magical town filled with temples and shrines. Of all the shrines in the city the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine is said to be the most important Shinto shrine, dating back to the 11th century. This temple kicked off my day of temple exploration. If you’re only in the […]

2 Nov, 2012 in Taipei
Taipei Treasure Hill Artist Village (18).JPG

Next to the newly renovated Treasure Hill – a military neighborhood turned artist village – lies an old temple dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy – Guan Yin (觀音). This temple dates back almost 300 years, and is well worth a visit on your way towards the artist village.   …

29 Oct, 2012 in Taipei
Taipei Museum of World Religions (45).JPG

If the Puppetry Museum and the Museum of Drinking Water didn’t convince you there are lots of great little museums across Taipei, perhaps this one will – the Museum of World Religions. In my last visit to Taipei I made a special effort to try and visit some of the lesser known museums in Taipei […]

29 Apr, 2012 in Shanghai
Jingan Temple - Shanghai (29).JPG

There are a number of temples around Shanghai worth visiting (City God Temple, Confucius Temple, etc.), but Jing An Temple is probably among the oldest of those. Allegedly dating back almost 1800 years, "only" 800 years in the current location, it’s seen its share of history, though it’s now almost completely reconstructed due to an […]

4 Feb, 2012 in Xiamen
Nanputuo Temple - Xiamen (10).JPG

Next to Xiamen University, considered one of the must-visit attractions of Xiamen, is the Nanputuo Temple – said to date back as far as Tang Dynasty (7th century).   Though I’ve seen my fair share of temples, this one’s quite nice and worth exploring. Yet, to me, the most interesting thing was watching …

19 Sep, 2011 in Taipei
Chih Nan Temple Muzha (31).JPG

Up the monkey mountains of Muzha (Houshan, 猴山) on the terrific Maokong Gondola is one of Taipei’s prime temples – Chi Nan Temple – offering superb views of southern Taipei City combined with the cultural atmosphere of the local religions. The temple is dedicated to Lu Dongbin, arguably the leader of the Eight Immortals, who […]

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