20 Nov, 2012 in Itineraries, Philippines
Northern Beach Siquijor (87).JPG

Last year I took some time off during summer break to get away from Hong Kong and visit one of the nearby sensational tropical attractions. At that time, a new budget airline by the name of Airphil Express just opened up with insane return fares going from Hong Kong to Cebu for 750HK$ (~95US$), and […]

27 Oct, 2012 in Cebu
Magellan's Cross - Basilica of Santo Niño - Cebu-11.JPG

Heading towards the beautiful Filipino islands people often skip Cebu City. Though I agree that Cebu City might not be a destination that stands out by itself, if you do have a few hours to burn in Cebu before or after a flight there are definitely some local historical attractions you can explore (see previous […]

27 May, 2012 in Bohol
Bohol Town (10).JPG

As I was traveling around Bohol on a motorcycle, Bohol was one of the stops along the way. Famous for its floating restaurants and the longer Loboc river cruises, I decided to take a short break to explore the area after my visit to the Tarsier sanctuary nearby. While I’m not sure I would recommend […]

13 May, 2012 in Bohol
Tarsier Sanctuary in Bohol (8).JPG

They’re the world’s smallest primates, and they’re only to be found in the Philippines. After renting a motorcycle at Tagbilaran City I headed east, to Corella, to visit one of the local tarsier sanctuaries.     Though it might look big in the photos, it’s tiny. It’s about the …

12 Feb, 2012 in Siquijor
Arts Park - Siquijor (21).JPG

For some people it’s the food, for some it’s the natural scenery, for some it’s the tourist attractions, or maybe the general feel of the place. For me, it’s probably those little odd encounters with local culture and people that I remember the most about my travels.   While riding my motorbike around …

31 Jan, 2012 in Siquijor
Siquijor - Butterfly Sanctuary (27).JPG

While roaming around Siquijor island crossing back north through the mountains from a trip to the southern side of the island something caught my attention. At the highest point just before the decline down a few locals waved their hands and pointed me in some vague direction indicating that I should go check it out. […]

18 Nov, 2011 in Siquijor
Kagusuan Beach - Siquijor (2).JPG

There are beaches, and there are beaches. When it comes to a beach, there’s only so far that the beach can offer that’s different from the other beaches. When you’re at the Philippines, on a small island that’s already a bit off the beaten tourist track, most chances are that the beaches are already very […]

7 Nov, 2011 in Siquijor
Northern Beach Siquijor (27).JPG

Ever since I was a kid I imagined what it could have been like growing up on an unspoiled island in a faraway land. I couldn’t perceive a more perfect life, filled with freedom, independence and adventure mixed with some healthy portions of danger and fright. I could see myself running around naked beaches, climbing […]

11 Oct, 2011 in Cebu
Fort San Pedro - Cebu City (6).JPG

I’ll try and be honest with you. For the second largest city in the Philippines, there’s really not that much to do in Cebu City as a tourist. But, if you do take the few hours to try and explore this city for what it has to offer, Fort (Fuerza de) San Pedro is probably […]

29 Sep, 2011 in Bohol
Chocolate Hills Bohol-10.JPG

To get the best of Bohol island in the Filipino Visayas, I rented a motorbike and went for a cross-island trip. At the center of Bohol, about two hours from the entry port of Tagbilaran, are the Chocolate Hills, perhaps Bohol’s most recognizable tourist attraction.   As there were lots of things …

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