17 Oct, 2017 in Eindhoven

One weekend I had family visit, and was looking for something interesting to do, and a quick search revealed that Bryan Adams was in town, with warmups by famous bands I knew from back in high-school but never realized were from the region – like K’s Choice (Dan Owen, and DI-RECT). So, we set off […]

21 Apr, 2017 in Southern Spain

One of the nicest surprises for me in Seville was a Flamenco show I caught with the Museo del Baile Flamenco. Although it is meant for tourists, and you might expect cliche, as far as I can tell this was a very well done show, with some very impressive local artists. It gave a very good intro […]

2 Aug, 2016 in Gdansk
Opener Music Festival 2016 Gdansk Poland (26)

In my recent trip to Gdansk in Poland I discovered there was a big music festival playing in the nearby Gdynia, with big names like Florence and the Machine, Red Hot Chilli, PJ Harvey, and many others. So, I decided to go for the first day featuring Florence. And it was pretty amazing. It’s probably […]

11 Dec, 2012 in Beijing
National Centre of the Performing Arts Beijing (6).jpg

To taste a bit of Beijing’s selection of culture and arts we decided on a night at the opera. Beijing recently completed a magnificent National Centre for the Performing Arts just in time for impress the masses coming in for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. It’s an impressive display of modern architecture with a gigantic […]

30 Nov, 2012 in Beijing
Laoshe Tea House - Beijing (25).JPG

Perhaps the most obvious cultural attraction in Beijing is to catch a local performance featuring acrobats and a "Peking opera". There are plenty of options for you to choose from, but somehow we decided on the options that tries to blend that with a feel for an old Beijing tea house. We made our way […]

15 Aug, 2012 in Chicago
Blues Bar - Live Music - Chicago (16).JPG

In Chicago? Then you have go check out some of the local Chicago blues bars to get a taste of the world famous Chicago blues music.   Completely unexpected, I was taken to two different blues bars on two different occasions – once, by a lovely American Taiwanese living in Chicago, and the …

24 Jan, 2012 in Seoul
Insadong - Seoul (1).JPG

There are lots of wonderful neighborhoods in Seoul, but Insadong is perhaps one of the more charming ones to visit, especially as a tourist. It has some laid back traditional Korean feeling to it, offering the glimpse into Korean traditions and culture that tourists expect to see during a quick visit to Seoul.     […]

31 Oct, 2011 in Seoul
Apgujeong - Korea (9).JPG

One of the amazing things about Seoul is that in almost every district there are lots of nightlife options. Pedestrian streets packed with attractive young folks occupying an endless selection of pubs, clubs, restaurants, street food eateries, etc. It’s one of the remarkable things about Seoul. I was blown away by how many wonderful nightlife […]

21 Oct, 2011 in Jerusalem
Empty House 2011 (40).JPG

By word of mouth, from one friend to another, the rumor made it all the way to me – a disconnected visitor from Hong Kong. The old President Hotel in Talbia that has been abandoned for years, was to be overtaken by artists and transformed into an underground music, arts and party scene. That’s something […]

20 Feb, 2011 in Jerusalem
Shem Tov Levi with Maimon Cohen Live at Hebrew University

My sister insists of taking me to all sorts of musical adventures that are somewhat unique, combining her musical tendencies towards Mediterranean Mesopotamian influences. Since I lean towards the mainstream Israeli alternative music (an oxymoron of a sort, I know), she manages to find a sort of a middle-way. Once it was Shlomo Gronich (who […]

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