28 May, 2019 in Singapore

My last visit to Singapore I was hosted on the far western side of Singapore in the NTU campus area, near the border with Malaysia. Most of the Singapore attractions are far away from that area but there’s one attraction that’s really worth visiting – Singapore Botanical Gardens. It features Chinese gardens, Japanese gardens, and […]

13 May, 2017 in Yangon

The number one highlight of Yangon in Burma is the Shwedagon Pagoda. Digs in the area suggest that this worship site dates back as far as 6-10th century BC. This (possibly) 3000 years old Pagoda is the most sacred place in Burma, and includes various relics linked with important Buddhist figures. It’s also a place for families […]

26 Apr, 2017 in Yangon

During my first night in Burma, I landed in Yangon and made my way to the hotel in China Town, put down my stuff and went out for a first walk in the way. The first ‘attraction’ I visited in Yangon a few minutes walk away from my hotel was the night lit Sule Pagoda, a […]

1 Jul, 2014 in Beijing
Beijing University Campus-051

Mid winter I was invited to Beijing University to give an academic talk and took this opportunity to get to know this beatiful and historical campus. To those who don’t know, Beijing University is among the best – if not the very best – of Chinese academia, and in my field they’re definitely on the […]

9 Mar, 2014 in Beijing
Tianning Temple Tower  Beijing (3)

A couple of blocks south from the White Cloud Temple in Beijing is the Tainning Temple which is most famous for its huge 12th century pagoda, which at the time would have enabled visitors to see very far away into Beijing and the imperial city. Unlike White Cloud, this is a very quiet and humble […]

27 Sep, 2012 in Beijing
Summer Palace Beijing (11).JPG

The Beijing Summer Palace is quite the attraction. Perhaps aside from the surprising 798 art district this is probably the place I enjoyed the most during my visit to Beijing. It just has so much to offer – a UNESCO heritage mountain-top palace offering scenic views of the nearby lake, accompanied by lots of history […]

4 May, 2011 in Guilin
Sun Moon Pagodas Guilin-18.JPG

I went to Guilin at the worst possible weather, but still managed to see a thing or two. One of those things was the main symbol of Guilin – twin pagodas called “Sun & Moon Pagodas” in a lake near central Guilin.   As my hotel was quite close by, I could …

18 Aug, 2010 in Shenzhen
Shenzhen 096.JPG

Fairly Lake is a beautiful scenic nature spot in Shenzhen, well worth a day out of exploration. Aside from the Hongfa Temple, there are endless attractions for the family, museums, botanical gardens, a lake, pagodas and much more. You can easily wonder around for hours. Here’s from their official website : …

29 Mar, 2010 in Hangzhou
Hangzhou Qu Yuan Garden 

Around Chinese New Year I took some time off from Hong Kong to discover a bit more of China, this time Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. The most famous spot in Hangzhou is West Lake, which I first heard about when I visited the gorgeous Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. “You like Sun Moon Lake? wait […]

30 Mar, 2008 in Kaohsiung
Old City East Gate of FengShan-2.JPG

Hidden in the back of the fast developing area of Kaohsiung’s Zuoying – where the Taiwan High Speed Rail reaches Kaohsiung and where the newly opened Kaohsiung underground MRT now runs – is a mysterious world of gorgeous temples and pagodas. Kaohsiung is preparing for the World Games 2009 and so the Lotus pond-lake is […]

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