9 Apr, 2016 in Serbia, Visions
Visions of Novi Sad Serbia (5)

My visit to Serbia was short, so centered mainly around Belgrade with a quick getaway trip to Novi Sad. In Novi Sad I had exactly enough time to visit the hill-top fortress and see a bit of the old town center. Although Novi Sad suffered some of the heaviest NATO bombing during the war, there’s […]

6 Mar, 2016 in Southern Italy
Pompeii Italy (12)

I’ve heard so many things of Pompeii and watched so many movies about it that my expectations were set really high. In my mind, the city has just stopped in time, that since it was covered in lava all this years, that ruins are in perfect shape and I would be able to walk through […]

7 Nov, 2015 in Antalya
Antalya old city Turkey (29)

I began my Antalya visit with a late flight arrival to a last-minute booking of a hotel at Kaleiçi, the old quarter. The taxi from the airport took about 20 minutes to arrive at the old quarter and then completely got lost in the narrow one-way streets looking for the right road to reach the […]

10 Oct, 2015 in Antalya, Visions
Visions of Antalya Old City Turkey (1)

I started my two day visit to the lovely Turkish Antalya province at the Kaleici Old City of Antalya. I stayed with a B&B right at the center of the old town and got to experience late night early morning Muezzin calls for prayer and a bit of the local nightlife with gorgeous Turkish live […]

24 Apr, 2015 in Northern Israel
Crusader Fortress Acre (1)

The old city of Acre is one of Israel’s top treasures, a gorgeous ancient city dating back thousands of years overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with a very high concentration of terrific tourist attractions. In my previous visits to Acre I just walked the old city markets, enjoyed the fortifications and the local food, but in […]

19 Feb, 2015 in Northern Israel
Old City Acre Street Markets (6)

The city of Acre in northern Israel offers world-class tourist attractions set in a UNESCO world heritage ancient walled city, but it’s not all old archeological sites, there’s also a very special vibe in the old city markets. In my recent visit to Jerusalem, after exploring the city as a tourist and doing all the […]

27 Dec, 2013 in Puerto Rico
Around old San Juan (4)

To wrap up all my posts about my wonderful trip to Puerto Rico, the final post is about the lovely old city of San Juan. There are several world class attractions in San Juan, including forts and castles that defended the cities from rival colonials forces, but the real charm of the city simply …

1 Apr, 2013 in Jerusalem, Visions

Wrapping up a six months exchange in Florida State I stopped by Jerusalem for a quick visit before heading back to Hong Kong. I grew up in Jerusalem, I know Jerusalem quite well, but I always find something new and exciting and I could probably never really be oblivious to its beauty. During my …

22 Mar, 2013 in Puerto Rico
Castello San Filipe del Morro Old San Juan (13).JPG

I really wasn’t expecting San Juan, the Puerto Rican capital, to be this nice. It’s not only that it enjoys a strategic location next to the sea with some really fine beaches, it also has some fascinating historical sites that are still very well preserved. In the San Juan old city is El …

6 Jun, 2012 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo
Jaffa Old City Tour (28).JPG

Even though I’ve been to Jaffa quite a few times, my last visit to Jaffa unveiled yet another side of Jaffa I somehow haven’t seen before. I imagine that taking a fellow visitor for a local tour of the place, with me feeling very much like a tourist myself, together with the recent revival of […]

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