18 Jan, 2017 in Bristol

Quite a few things to see and do in Bristol, but there’s one spot that I liked the most – the Clifton Suspension Bridge from the mid 19th century connecting the two hill separated by the Avon river. It is a gorgeous area, and the views from the bridge down towards the valley and river […]

5 Dec, 2016 in Dusseldorf

If you’re looking for a good place to get a feel for Dusseldorf Germany from above then head straight to the imposing Rhine Tower Rheinturm. You can’t miss it. It’s that futuristic missile rockety thingy at the heart of Dusseldorf overlooking the Rhine river. Dusseldorf perhaps isn’t the most beautiful city, but from above with […]

31 May, 2016 in Limburg
A GoGo Valkenburg Netherlands (7)

One of the last things you might expect to find in the very flat Netherlands is a chairlift or cable car. In most of the Netherlands, there are no hills, but on the southern province of Limburg, you’ll start to see a hill here or there, and in Valkenburg, not too far away from Maastricht, […]

23 Nov, 2015 in Vancouver
Vancouver Lookout Tower Observatory  (8)

Vancouver is definitely a city worth visiting. A wide harbor, mountains rising in the background, it has the makings of a great tourist destination. I recently visited the city for a conference, not for the first time, and this time around I allowed myself visits to some of the local sights and attractions. …

8 Nov, 2015 in Saint Petersburg
Saint Isaac

When I stopped over in Moscow for a few days I was contemplating whether I have enough time to go see Saint Petersburg, but everyone I asked recommended that I do without any hesitation. So, early morning I took the 4-hour fast train to Saint Petersburg without doing any homework and not knowing what to […]

23 Jun, 2015 in Los Angeles
Griffith Observatory  Los Angeles (3)

Looking for stunning views of Los Angeles from above? On one of my previous visits to Los Angeles I suggested the wonderful world-class Getty Center. But, if art isn’t exactly your thing and you’re perhaps more into astronomy, or just want to get the views, then Griffith Observatory is definitely your first choice. Close to […]

10 Jan, 2015 in Paris
Eiffel Tower Paris (6)

Probably one of the most identifiable landmarks in the world, this awkward phallic beautiful monstrosity makes the top of the MUST TODO list for most tourists coming to visit Paris. Don’t let the long lines and tourist crowds keep you away, there’s a reason why so many people love this tower and the massive crowds […]

23 Sep, 2013 in Southern Israel
Negev - the Ramon Crater (4).JPG

One of the most magnificent scenic areas in southern Israel is the Ramon Crater. It’s a landscape quite unique to the Israeli desert, formed by a receding ocean millions of years ago, it’s one of the largest in the world for its kind encompassing 40 by 10km and running 500meters deep. At Mitzpe Ramon, an […]

5 Feb, 2013 in Puerto Rico
Arecibo observatory-021.JPG

Have you watched the movie Contact? Perhaps the James Bond Golden Eye? then you’re atleast a bit familiar with the Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico, by far the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope. This large complex is operated in a cooperation between Cornell University, NSF and NASA aimed at radio, atmosphere and radar science. …

17 Sep, 2010 in Shanghai
Jinmao Tower Observation Deck Shanghai (12).JPG

This is the number one reason why I would have serious reservations regarding living in Shanghai. It’s horrible looking, disgusting at times, and no one knows for sure but most agree that it’s extremely hazardous to your health. The pollution in Shanghai – and I have lived in some highly polluted locations – is quite […]

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