24 Dec, 2017 in Alajuela, Visions

I began my Costa Rican adventures renting a car at San Jose and heading off to the north towards La Fortuna. First stop the La Paz Waterfall, a waterfall areas turned eco-Disney land that made me realize just how touristic and commercial Costa Rican “eco-travel” is. Still, can’t beat paved hikes to some gorgeous nature, […]

26 Feb, 2017 in Daytrips from Sapporo

During my summer stay at the scenic Hokkaido region in the northern part of Japan, I was based in Sapporo and made occasional trips to see some of the area. In a trip to the Niseko area I made a stop at the Shinsen-numa Wetland Swamp / Marsh, a very green and picturesque wetland with paved […]

18 Jan, 2016 in Illinois
Matthiessen State Park Hiking Trail Illinois-023

Illinois is very flat, and it gets the somewhat deserved reputation of being a bit dull, especially in comparison to other areas in the US with much grander natural scenery. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to do, there are some lovely national parks and natural hikes in Illinois, and the Matthiessen State Park Hiking […]

20 Dec, 2014 in France, Visions
Visions of France (45)

After a long absence from Europe, I got to spend a couple of wonderful weeks in Paris and roaming around France. To my delight, I was joined by some of my charming family to head out from the Paris airport east to explore the wonders of Champagne province. From there, we roamed around circling Paris […]

6 Jun, 2013 in Puerto Rico
El Yunque Rain Forest-012

Looking for a lovely nature day-trip in Puerto Rico away from San Juan. Lots of wonderful options for you to choose from, but there’s one that really stands out – the El Yunque Rain Forest, the only rainforest under the United States National Forest System. The trip was an easy choice with the rental car […]

28 Jul, 2011 in HK Places
Sai Kung Peninsula (4).JPG

On a gorgeous sunny blue skies day I took out my newly bought Sony Alpha55 camera for a spin to try and capture the true beauty of the Sai Kung Peninsula surrounding my university. I went up to the highest floor in the HKUST academic building, where the university elite meet to discuss their important […]

15 Sep, 2010 in East coast
Linmei Shihpan Trail - Yilan (23).JPG

Set in Yilan County, about 20 minutes from Jiaoxi (礁溪) using Taiwan’s wonderful Taiwan Free Shuttle Bus services, is a popular short hiking trail of Linmen Shipan.     A Taiwanese government site introduces : Located at Jiaosi Township …

29 Jun, 2010 in HK Hikes
Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park 

Though Hong Kong has some really nice beaches and the water quality is said to be adequate in most, it is still a bit difficult to find a good spot for diving and snorkeling where you can actually see lively underwater life. Hoi Ha Wan in the Sai Kung National Park is one of those […]

10 Apr, 2010 in Hangzhou
Hangzhou Xixi Wetland Park 

China is warming up to environmental protection and the concept of wetland parks. Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou is the first in a series of planned wetland parks across China. Right now, a few months after it’s been open to the public, it is still more of a half-built cultural attraction rather than a […]

6 Nov, 2009 in HK Attractions
HK Wetland Park 014.JPG

The Hong Kong Wetland Park is a bizarre combination of nature and museum concrete in a way that only Hong Kong can pull off successfully. Located at Tin Shui Wan, close to the HK Shenzhen border, far away from where most …

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