14 Sep, 2015 in Cologne
Alt St Alban Cologne Germany (3)

Walking around the small old city area of Cologne is a treat. Although the city suffered through World War II, many of the old buildings and churches have been restored, and the result is a stroll back in history. Quite a few things to see in the area. In my walk I went into a […]

1 Jul, 2011 in Macedonia
Monastery of St Joakim Osogovski - Macedonia-23.JPG

One of the first stops in my Balkans tour was the lovely monastery of Saint Joakim Osogovski set in a valley just off from Kriva Palanka in Macedonia and not too far away from the capital – Skopje . It’s a gorgeous little area where monks have been settling since the 12th century. …

28 Feb, 2011 in Montenegro
Cetinje Monastery - Montenegro-7.JPG

It’s a cute little town, a former capital of the Montenegrin kingdom, Cetinje hosts one of the most famous monasteries in the region, dating back to 1701. It went through some rough times when the Turkish invaded, but has managed to survive till this very day. The Sydney Morning Herald went as far as to […]

12 Jan, 2011 in Macedonia
Monastery of Saint Naum-41.JPG

Not too far away from beautiful Ohrid with its enchanting monasteries and the Ohrid lake is the monastery of Saint Naum of Ohrid, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Macedonia. The monastery was founded by Saint Naum back in the 10th century and is where the saint is buried.   …

11 Nov, 2010 in Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik - Croatia-120.JPG

After introducing Dubrovnik in Croatia as “best of the Balkans”, touring Dubrovnik’s old city walls and the local Dubrovnik Jewish museum and synagogue, it’s time to wrap up the Dubruvnik tour with a walking tour of the old city. And what a lovely old city it is, full of history and meaning.   …

20 Oct, 2010 in Macedonia
Ohrid Macedonia (48).JPG

To give you a taste of the history behind the wonderful city of Ohrid in Macedonia (near the gorgeous Ohrid Lake), I present to you – Saint Pantheleimon Monastery, also known as Saint Clement Monastery, both names indicative of the vast history taking place in Ohrid.   …

12 Mar, 2009 in HK Places
Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery - Man Fat Tsz.JPG

I’ve seen some nice Buddhas in Taiwan, but this cute temple in Hong Kong gives Buddha a whole new twist. Next to Pai Tau Village in the Shatin area lies the road leading up to the mountain-top Ten Thousand (10000) Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Tsz). …

29 Jan, 2009 in Nantou
Chung Tai Chan Monastery Nantou.JPG

After visiting Fo Guang Shan I thought there is little left to surprise me in how Buddhism is practiced in Taiwan, but Chung Tai Chan Monastery near Pui in Nan Tou County succeeded in shocking both my mother and I. The little I’ve heard about Chung Tai Chan prior to that didn’t do enough to […]

27 Jan, 2009 in Kaohsiung
Fo Guang Shan Kaohsiung County-2.JPG

With my mother visiting me in Tainan I had to take her to the nearby Fo Guang Shan, perhaps one of the world’s biggest monasteries, to learn more about Buddhism and how it’s been practiced in Taiwan. This time, I asked for the tour and the monastery was kind enough to have a lady …

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