7 Nov, 2014 in Amsterdam
Amsterdam water canals Netherlands-008

Want to learn more about how Amsterdam came to be and how the history of the unique Amsterdam canal life? Het Grachtenhuis, or the Canal House Museum, is a small private museum that aims to answer these questions with a wonderful interactive tour back in time and through the history of how Amsterdam came to […]

19 Jul, 2010 in Taipei
Taiwan Miniature Museum 

The Miniatures Museum of Taiwan in Taipei is one of those odd little museums you’re not really sure whether to go to or not. Just like Taipei’s Story Land, which I must have walked by a couple of dozen times before deciding to actually see what it is about, and when I did it was […]

22 May, 2010 in Israel
Mini Israel - Latrun (51).JPG

Always wanted to see all the attractions in Israel but never had the time? then make the time, because Mini Israel in Latrun will most definitely not help you with that. In one of the most awful tourist traps I’ve ever visited, Mini Israel is everything a tourist attraction of this sort should NOT be. […]

21 Aug, 2009 in Shenzhen
"Splendid China" Shenzhen - Around China in 80 Minutes

  Seeing China has never been easier. Splendid China Folk Culture Village in Shenzhen promises to deliver the highlights of China with a walkable amusement park. Splendid China exhibits mini-versions of all the main natural and historical attractions of China. Precise miniature of Xian Terra Cotta Warriors, The Great Wall of China, The …

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