18 May, 2012 in HK Hikes
Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail (16).JPG

On a blazing hot summer day, I took a sweet and adventurous couch-surfer to hike in Sai Kung. As a preview to the one of the best hiking trails in Hong Kong – the Maclehose Stage 1 and 2 (Tai Long Wan) – we started out with Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail. The main reason […]

29 Apr, 2011 in HK Culture & Life
MacLehose trail section 6 - Monkeys (6).JPG

Did you know Hong Kong’s got a fairly large population of local monkeys running around freely? If you hike in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong most chances you’ve already met some, the best place to see them in large groups being “monkey mountain” or “monkey hill” near the Lion Peak MacLehose section 5 end […]

15 Apr, 2011 in HK Hikes
MacLehose trail section 6 (18).JPG

If you’re looking for a short and easy hike around the Hong Kong reservoirs, then you’ll like the MacLehose Trail secion 6. Although it doesn’t have the grand views of Sai Kung and HK island, there’s some grand reservoir views and a lot of monkeys running around the trail to keep you entertained.   …

22 Oct, 2009 in HK Hikes
Lion Peak 074.JPG

Hong Kong has got some of the most spectacular views I’ve seen. The blend of beautiful nature and outrageous urban skyscrapers sets the stage for impossible contrasts. Last Sunday I went with a friend to one of Hong Kong’s most famous hikes – to the Lion Rock Peak. Although we took a Taxi most …

20 May, 2009 in HK Hikes
MacLehose Trail Stage II-120.JPG

You won’t believe it’s Hong Kong, you really won’t. I didn’t. It’s so beautiful and so different from the classic misconception of what Hong Kong is about that I just couldn’t believe I was seeing this in Hong Kong. There’s so much natural beauty in Hong Kong, comparable to some of the most beautiful places […]

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