16 Sep, 2013 in Shanghai
ZhouZhuang watertown - Shanghai-046

Zhou Zhuang is one of the loveliest watertown daytrips from Shanghai. It has magical narrow canals with atmospheric old Chinese houses and ancient temples. But what’s a place without the people? Though there’s no doubt Zhou Zhuang has become commercialized as "China’s number 1 watertown" for some it still is a place to live and […]

5 Aug, 2012 in HK Attractions
Horse Racing - Sha Tin (23).JPG

One of the must experiences in Hong Kong to get a feel for local culture is to participate in a horse racing event. It took me almost 3 years in Hong Kong to finally attend one, but even though this experience is not likely to repeat any time soon, I can atleast now happily cross […]

9 May, 2012 in Beijing
Temple of Heaven (Tiantan Park) Beijing (26).JPG

One of the more authentic local experiences you can find in Beijing is to wake up early in the morning, around 5 or 6, and head to one of the local parks to watch the morning exercise. Tiantan Park, or Temple of Heaven Park, is famous for its morning activities.   True, it’s …

4 Feb, 2012 in Xiamen
Nanputuo Temple - Xiamen (10).JPG

Next to Xiamen University, considered one of the must-visit attractions of Xiamen, is the Nanputuo Temple – said to date back as far as Tang Dynasty (7th century).   Though I’ve seen my fair share of temples, this one’s quite nice and worth exploring. Yet, to me, the most interesting thing was watching …

15 Nov, 2011 in Cebu
Carbon Market - Cebu City (5).JPG

There’s something a little creepy about walking around at night by yourself in a strange land through a negatively stereotyped city, but somehow – it’s something I find very hard to resist. In a way, it is only during night time that I truly get the sense of what the city is and as irrational […]

27 Jul, 2010 in Northern Israel
Safed - Northern Israel 

One of the most interesting things about Safed are the local people who live there. You get all sorts of curious combinations of origins and accents, dressed up in traditional religious clothing reflecting their sects. The one I liked the most – by far – was this Yemen guy who runs a hand-made …

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