28 Mar, 2013 in HK Places
Bird market - Kowloon (3).JPG

I can’t really say that this is one of my favorite markets in Hong Kong, but since it’s close to the Hong Kong flower street market I also take them to see the Bird Market. It is, after all, part of the local culture.   What you can expect to see are a …

27 Jul, 2011 in HK Hikes
Wilson Trail stage 4 hike Hong Kong (60).JPG

On a gloomy hot Sunday in Hong Kong we set off to do the Wilson Trail stage 4 backwards from the Sha Tin Pass all the way east down hill towards Sai Kung. This trail shares a section with MacLehose trail stage 5 – which I did last year, and in that combined section there’s […]

29 Apr, 2011 in HK Culture & Life
MacLehose trail section 6 - Monkeys (6).JPG

Did you know Hong Kong’s got a fairly large population of local monkeys running around freely? If you hike in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong most chances you’ve already met some, the best place to see them in large groups being “monkey mountain” or “monkey hill” near the Lion Peak MacLehose section 5 end […]

22 Mar, 2011 in HK Events
Power Plant - HK Arts Festival 2011 (35).JPG

One of the nice things about living in Hong Kong is that there’s always something going on – sports, concerts, exhibitions, festivals. The last few months Hong Kong has been hosting the 39th arts festival with various art performances around Hong Kong. Aside from all the terrific shows, there are occasionally events that try and […]

26 Jan, 2011 in HK Places
Flower market - Kowloon (16).JPG

Hong Kong’s Kowloon area has got a few theme street markets. One of the famous ones is the flower market which includes a circle of streets near Prince Edwards MTR station all devoted to selling plants and flowers of all colors, sizes and shapes. It’s quite colorful, and very vibrant and crowded, making this an […]

23 Mar, 2010 in HK Events
Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair 2010 

Ever wondered what a 500 feet dragon would look like?  Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair is an annual Hong Kong event at the local Hung Shing temple in Kowloon running various Chinese cultural performances for a whole day. The highlight of the day, in the evening, is the 500 feet dragon dance. …

27 Feb, 2010 in HK Places
West Kowloon 054.JPG

Hong Kong is working hard at developing the Victoria Harbour as a prime tourist and cultural attraction. The local government is investing around 3 billion US$ into redefining West Kowloon as a culture hub, in a 4-5 years project.   Here’s a bit from the recent news about the plans for the area …

7 Feb, 2010 in HK Places
Kowloon Walled City HK-18.JPG

A Qing dynasty style garden was put in place to replace one of Hong Kong’s worst urban atrocities, and what a lovely little place that is. Pavilions, pagodas, gardens, streams, ponds and small waterfalls, the little park is a hidden gem. A stroll in the park during evening time is especially magical… …

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