24 Nov, 2012 in Itineraries, Seoul

My second trip to Korea was very different than my first one. My first visit to Korea was with an all-Chinese no-English organized Taiwanese group, which – while been the most amazing travel bargain I’ve ever experienced – was completely out of my control. I felt like I was treated like a spoiled kid, or […]

24 Jan, 2012 in Seoul
Insadong - Seoul (1).JPG

There are lots of wonderful neighborhoods in Seoul, but Insadong is perhaps one of the more charming ones to visit, especially as a tourist. It has some laid back traditional Korean feeling to it, offering the glimpse into Korean traditions and culture that tourists expect to see during a quick visit to Seoul.     […]

7 Dec, 2011 in Seoul
Namsan Hanok Village - Seoul (12).JPG

I’ve always had mixed feelings about folk villages. On the one side, I’m really curious about other cultures, especially the minority cultures within the Asian countries that I visit. On the other side, you can’t escape the feeling that what those folk villages do is reduce the culture into the shallowest tourist-oriented stereotypes employing local […]

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