23 Dec, 2013 in Kinmen Island
around kinmen 485

The number one attraction of Kinmen island and the highlight of my trip was the insane City God festival celebrated in Kinmen’s capital – Jincheng Town. I was just plain lucky, I did not plan to attend the festival but when preparations for the celebrations were everywhere and the street ghost clearing routine the night […]

27 Nov, 2013 in Kinmen Island
OuCuo & Pianopiano - Kinmen Island (13)

Oucuo is a traditional settlement of the Ouyang family, who came from Quanzhou during the Ming Dynasty over 400 years ago. The village was originally intended to defend the island from the sea invaders to the southern China coast. I arrived in Ou Cuo at sunset after a long day of riding a motorcycle around […]

20 Nov, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Ci Hu Lake - Kinmen (5)

Venturing out of Jincheng town in Kinmen on a motorcycle for a cross-island ride, the first stop along the way was near Cihu (Ci lake), in the northwestern part of the main Jinmen Island. The main story about Kinmen is definitely the cold war between mainland China and Taiwan, as Kinmen served as an isolated […]

5 Nov, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Cross Strait War Museum - Kinmen Island-016

Though Kinmen is a gorgeous little Taiwanese island, it’s mostly known for the cold war between Taiwan and China back in the days where the Communists and the Nationalists were planning to overtake one another. It’s a bit odd really, that Kinmen is so close to mainland China and so far away from Taiwan across […]

9 Sep, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Jincheng ghost clearing - Kinmen (21)

On my recent visit to the Taiwanese Jinmen island I had a very unexpected surprise. The annual City God birthday festival was taking place in the island that week  and festivities were grander than ever. The night before the celebrations in Jincheng Town I was surprised to find that the festivities actually begin a day […]

21 Aug, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Random Buddhist garden - Kinmen Island (2)

While riding around the charming Taiwanese Kinmen Island on a motorcycle, I came across a lovely Buddhist garden. While I was living in Taiwan I was used to occasional surprises of spiritual beauty in the middle of nowhere, but it’s been a while since I saw one of these. Out somewhere in central Kinmen, not […]

15 Aug, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Peace Memorial Park - Kinmen Island-001

There’s still some time before any peace would come between Taiwan and the mainland, but with the recent changes in policy in the Taiwanese administration both sides have atleast tried to pretend there might be some peaceful resolution to this awkward situation. Riding the motorcycle from the War Museum on northwestern Kinmen island towards the […]

28 Jul, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Kinmen Civil Defense Tunnel Exhbision Museum - Jincheng (2)

Protecting the civilians in Kinmen from the mainland Chinese invasion are a series of long tunnels built by the civil defense during the 1970. They’re spread all throughout the island, but in Jincheng you can take a walking tour underground to experience what being a Jincheng resident under a mainland attack might feel like. …

23 Jul, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Yangzhaidong Kinmen Island Taiwan

Want to see more Fujianese style houses in the Taiwanese Kinmen Island? You got it. This is from the eastern part of the island near Bishan & Yangzhaidong  in Jinsha Township.   Really not much available in English on those area in the north-eastern part of the island, so I’ll just let …

20 Jul, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Jinsha Shaobei City God Festival - Kinmen Island (43)

Sometimes travel is mostly about luck, and on my recent trip to Kinmen luck was definitely on my side. As I entered Kinmen via a ferry from Xiamen and sat down with the shy guy in the welcoming Tourist Information Center it took a few minutes of pushing him with questions for him to finally […]

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