3 May, 2017 in Taipei

Last summer I made a stop in my old home of Taiwan on the way back to Europe from a summer conference/visit to Japan. To me, Taiwan is filled with nostalgia. In the time that I lived there I think I did a pretty good job of covering all the highlights and so it doesn’t […]

20 Sep, 2016 in East coast, Visions

It’s been a few years since I last visited Taiwan, and it’s been even longer since I last visited the area around Keelung. My former visits were very memorable and arriving in Taiwan I was filled with nostalgia about almost everything I saw. On my last days before heading out not knowing when I’ll be […]

7 Dec, 2010 in Taipei
Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-31.JPG

Aside from magical alleys, gorgeous views and curious shops, Jiu Fen is also well known for the lovely Japanese Tea houses it hosts. The one I visited while I went to Jiu Fen was the Jiufen Teahouse (九份茶坊) at 142 Jishan Street, a really nicely decorated place with a special ambience.   …

5 Nov, 2010 in Taipei
Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-77.JPG

You’ve seen the views from magical Jiufen in Taipei County and visited one curious attraction but there’s a lot more to Jiufen that lies with its mysterious narrow alleys and wonderful little shops and eateries.   Walk with me…   …

5 Oct, 2010 in Taipei
Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-49.JPG

On a cloudy rainy day in Taiwan I finally had the chance to go to a place I’ve been wanting to go to for years – Jiufen (Chiufen, Jioufen, 九份, Jiǔfèn), an hour east from Taipei. Lucky for me, the longer I stayed up there, the clearer it became, finally giving way to gorgeous views […]

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