9 May, 2017 in Warsaw

When visiting Warsaw I had a flat not too far away from the central train station, which is about 20-30 minutes walk from the old center of Warsaw. Turns out that on that route there’s the old Nożyk Jewish synagogue which somehow managed to survive the second world war. It dates back the the end […]

19 Apr, 2017 in Yangon

When visiting Yangon I stayed at the very hectic China Town area. Bustling local life, filled with street stalls and grungy eateries up till the very late hours, with some very diverse populations of both Burmese, Chinese, Napalese, Indians, and other origins I wasn’t really able to make out. To my great surprise, very close […]

11 Mar, 2016 in Amsterdam
Jewish Portuguese Synagogue Amsterdam Netherlands-001

In my last visit to Amsterdam to visit colleagues and attend a seminar at the wonderful UvA business school, I stayed overnight near the campus. Little did I know that the area north to UvA used to be the old Jewish area of Amsterdam, with rich history, and vibrant community life, that ended tragically during […]

14 Sep, 2014 in Southern Israel
Masada Israel (92)

One of Israel’s top tourist attractions,  a spectacular archeological site with a fascinating history, Masada is not to be missed. It’s been many many years since I visited Masada last, and although things are pretty much the same, my perspective and ability to appreciate it have changed allot. Taking more time to go around Israel […]

14 Jun, 2013 in Boston
Beacon Hill - The Vilna Shul - Boston (2)

Much like the Eldrige Street Synagogue Museum in NYC’s China Town Boston too has its Jewish heritage with a history of Jewish immigrants settling in first with the low budget neighborhoods of Boston and then slowly migrating out as the population turns wealthier. Beacon Hill was once a crowded immigrant neighborhood, and so …

3 Jun, 2013 in New York City
Eldrige Street Synagogue Museum : China Town - New York City

The Eldrige Street Museum was a lovely unexpected surprise, being based in an old 1887 synagogue of the former Jewish community that once lived near today’s China Town. I came up from an exchange in Florida to cold New York City to meet my sister who was on an exchange to NYU, where I met […]

9 Jul, 2011 in Chinese culture
New York Jew in China : Exploring Chinese society

A Yiddish speaking New York Jew reporter Ross (Shmuel) Perlin covers China in a series of terrific videos discussing China and Chinese culture. With his relative fluency in Mandarin Chinese, Perlin goes around China taking a look at some very fundamental issues underlying Chinese society. First time I saw those Yiddish videos I …

13 Jan, 2011 in Macedonia
Bitola Macedonia-1.JPG

We only made a very brief stop in Bitola for a few hours, but we still had time to stroll around the charming central area and visit one heritage area.     Wikitravel has a good intro: Bitola is quite nice, and it is favourite …

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