14 Feb, 2011 in HK Events
Hong Kong Israeli Film Festival 2011

Beginning of 2011 Hong Kong hosted the Israeli Film Festival with a few Israeli movies showing around cinemas in Hong Kong . It was very surprising to me that Hong Kong locals would be interested in movies from Israel, it’s even surprising to me that they would be interested in Israel, period. But they came, […]

11 Dec, 2010 in HK Hikes
Lung Ha Wan Country Trail HK-47.JPG

Heading out from the Clearwater Bay Country Park after doing the circular Clearwater Bay Tree Walk,  we proceeded to the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail with scenic views of Clearwater Bay in all directions from a 290m peak – Tai Leng Tung. If you still think Hong Kong’s about skyscrapers and urban insanity then this […]

2 Jul, 2010 in HK Events
Hong Kong International Art Fair 2010

Running for over three years now, the annual Hong Kong International Art Fair is really worth visiting. I can’t say that I understand much about art, but I previously attended the Hong Kong International Art Fair 2009 and found it to be fun and thought provoking. This year was as nice with a huge …

9 Feb, 2010 in HK Hikes
Pat Sin Leng hiking trail New 
Territories HK-116.JPG

Hong Kong has some spectacular nature. Every time I go hiking in Hong Kong it just takes my breath away. This one, Pat Sing Leng Country Park, north-east of Hong Kong’s New Territories, is one of the tougher ones I’ve done. Rated difficulty 4 and going for 12.5km across a range of mountain tops, I […]

2 Jan, 2010 in HK Events
asia game show 2009 155.JPG

Why do people go to game shows? looks like it has little to do with gaming. I mean, that’s there too, but from the few shows I’ve been to it seems it’s mostly meant to show off half naked girls to enthusiastic male teens. Know what? you’re right, they don’t even have to be half […]

29 Nov, 2009 in HK Culture & Life, HK Places
Tai O Village Lantau Island-106.JPG

Last concluding part about Tai O Village to introduce the last of the social groups in Tai O Village. There are those who live on land, those who live on houses constructed above water, and those who live on their boats – the fishermen.   Meet our very own fisherman, a handsome local …

22 Nov, 2009 in HK Culture & Life, HK Places
Tai O Village Lantau Island-91.JPG

Having visited some of Hong Kong’s other side at the fishing village of Tai O in the west of HK’s Lantau Island and contemplating Tai O’s boat people’s lives, here’s a bit more of the local life. The first thing you come across when you arrive at Tai O Village is the more standard local […]

19 Nov, 2009 in General
Between Cultures – Social Network Map HK, China, Taiwan & Israel

Social network maps do a great job of giving you information you usually don’t come across which summarizes big stories into easily interpretable graphs. Having being part of Facebook for quite some time now, I think it’s been long enough for me to find and connect to the majority of those who I know or […]

17 Nov, 2009 in HK Culture & Life, HK Places
Tai O Village Lantau Island-63.JPG

The inhabitants of Hong Kong’s western Lantau island little Tai O Village could be separated into two, of perhaps three, general groups of people – the boat people, with those living on houses constructed on the river and fishermen living on boats, and the land people. A foreigner visiting the place might not be sensitive […]

15 Nov, 2009 in HK Places
Tai O Village Lantau Island-60.JPG

Tai O Village, located at the western side of Hong Kong’s Lantau Island is a quiet little fishing town that contrasts all that’s stereotypical Hong Kong. Very simple life, some parts almost poverty stricken, mainly based on fishing, Tai O Village puts you back into perspective. Not too far away from the gigantic wholesale malls […]

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