22 May, 2018 in Zurich

One of the nicest hikes I’ve done in the previous year was the  Stoos, with an impressive break-taking “hike” on the mountain ridge overlooking glorious snow-top mountains and clear water lakes. With gondola cable-car and ski-lifts taking you up all the way, it’s as easy as can be, making this possibly the best easy hike […]

10 Dec, 2017 in Koblenz, Visions

One of the last getaways I did before leaving Europe and relocating to Europe was a daytrip to Koblenz in western Germany, on the intersection of the Rhine river with the Moselle river. The point where the rivers meet is spectacular, if you take the cable car nearby to the mountain top Ehrenbreitstein Fortress on the other […]

9 Jan, 2017 in Sapporo

I spent most of the last summer in the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido, the northern region of Japan. Aside from the wonderful cultural adventure of visiting Japan and the lovely scenic beauty of the region there was one thing that made Sapporo especially cool – it had a lot of cable cars. I think […]

4 Feb, 2016 in Antalya
Olympos Teleferik Antalya Turkey-039

Antalya in Turkey is known for all-inclusive resorts and terrific beaches, but the area offers so much more to see and do. Within a short driving distance from the Antalya old town are spectacular scenic views, ancient cities, folk villages, and much more. Of all that’s available, I decided to go see the Olympos Teleferik, and […]

30 Aug, 2014 in Singapore
Sentosa Island Cable Car Singapore -029

Sentosa Island in Singapore is an odd little place. An artificial island built for as a tourist paradise. Over-commercialized, all fake, you’d expect it’ll be horrible and some of it certainly lives up to the expectations but on occasion you can’t help but be impressed with this man-created tropical amusement park monstrosity. The beach area, […]

18 Mar, 2011 in Taipei
Maokong Taipei (22).JPG

I recently had the chance to come back to revisit the Maokong Gondola, this time on a much better weather. Away from the clouds and mist I could finally see what was outside, and enjoy the terrific views.   (that’s Chih Nan Temple there, on the mountain on the left) …

2 Aug, 2010 in Taipei
Maokong Tea Houses - Muzha

After taking the Maokong Gondola in Muzha up to the last station there are some wonderful teahouses up on the top with a variety of local tea flavors grown in the nearby Muzha tea farms and offering great views of the city on a clear day.     The Taiwan …

31 Jul, 2010 in Taipei
Maokong Gondola Taipei (28).JPG

Ever had the sensation you’re hanging up in the air between a sea of clouds? With the Maokong Gondola and the summer rainy cloudy weather you can experience just that. Though you won’t enjoy the scenic beauty of the Maokong tea plantations, you will feel like you’re flying through clouds all the way up to […]

28 Oct, 2009 in Macau
Macau - The Venetian-22.JPG

I heard a few things about The Venetian before I went to Macau – that it’s grand, magnificent, it’s built to resemble Venice and that it’s the biggest in the world – but little did I know how extreme this is going to be. The good folks of the Venetian constructed a series of canals […]

22 Dec, 2008 in Korea
Seoraksan National Park-7.JPG

Seorak-san National Park (설악산국립공원) is in the east side of South Korea in Gangwon province. I spent the night at the local 5 stars hotel resort and woke up to take a quick hike up to the local Gondola, which goes up to one of the mountains. …

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