27 Sep, 2016 in Sintra
Quinta da Regaleira Sintra Portugal (3)

Sintra is a gorgeous getaway trip from Lisbon in Portugal. It combines many lovely attractions to keep every type of tourist happy, old forts, scenic views, nature hikes, funky estates, castles, and an old Portugese town with cafes and shopping. The last attraction I visited in Sintra before heading back to Lisbon was the Quinta da […]

8 Aug, 2016 in Limburg
Park Natuur and Cultuur Haaselt Belgium (3)

Here’s a weird one for you, coming from Haaselt Belgium. Visiting Haaslet for  the first time with my parents we were looking for something quick and touristy in the area. After catching a Cosplay event at the Japanese gardens we looked up Tripadvisor to see what else was in the area, and it directed us to […]

9 Jun, 2016 in Frankfurt
Frankfurt Chinese Garden-002

A Chinese garden is not exactly one of the highlights I expected to find in Frankfurt, but the Chinese garden at Bethmann Park is rather large and surprisingly charming. Over 4000sqm in space it was aimed to mirror the Shiukou Gardens in Huizhou. There are various Chinese ponds, pagodas, and little gardens, offering a very chilled environment […]

20 Oct, 2015 in Munich
Nymphenburg Palace Park Munich Germany (34)

My visit to Munich was filled with little surprises. Upon my arrival to Munich I was asked whether I wanted to go take a walk at a nearby park, and looking at the gloomy skies outside I was contemplating whether a simple stroll in a park was a good enough excuse to venture out. Little […]

13 Feb, 2014 in Hakone
Old Tokaido and Hakone Checkpoint Ashi (16)

The Hakone area with Lake Ashi is absolutely gorgeous and filled with historic tourist attractions. Two of those on the southern side of Lake Ashi are the old Tokaido Hakone Checkpoint and the imperial detached palace and gardens.       Japan guide has the background to the …

13 Jun, 2013 in Jerusalem

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is my home museum. Located only ~15 minutes walk from my parents’ house in Rehavia, down Ramban street and across the Monastery valley, it has always been part of the very familiar view I’ve come across many times while walking my dog or wondering around the neighborhood. Perhaps since it […]

17 Feb, 2013 in Taipei
Lin An Tai House & Museum Taipei (10).JPG

It’s quite remarkable just how many terrific specialty museums Taipei has. I recently came across MKL’s "List of Museums in Taipei" covering many of my recent discoveries and much much more and it just blows your mind. In my last visit to Taipei I made it my mission to get off the beaten …

1 Jun, 2012 in Washington DC
National Gallery of Art Garden (14).JPG

Art has a way of transforming public space into something special. If you ask me, I’d love to see a lot more art in public spaces, but somehow we don’t really see it that often – especially not in Asia. The national gallery of art in Washington, one of the world’s most visited …

31 Jan, 2012 in Siquijor
Siquijor - Butterfly Sanctuary (27).JPG

While roaming around Siquijor island crossing back north through the mountains from a trip to the southern side of the island something caught my attention. At the highest point just before the decline down a few locals waved their hands and pointed me in some vague direction indicating that I should go check it out. […]

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