27 Sep, 2017 in Limburg

A samba festival in the Netherlands? In Heerlen? Yep, you got it, one lazy weekend I noticed a weird Facebook event near Maastricht and decided to go check it out. Turns out some of the regional Samba groups decided to throw a festival by taking over the small town of Heerlen, 20min from Maastricht, to […]

18 Jun, 2016 in Limburg
Japanse Tuin Hasselt (20)

On my first visit to Hasselt, a small city not too far away from Maastricht to the west in the Belgium Limburg, I went to see the local Japanese gardens (Japanese Tuin). When parking the car I already realized there was something going on and upon arriving at the garden entrance it became clear that I was […]

20 Feb, 2016 in Maastricht
Maastricht carnaval 2016 Netherlands (11)

I never expected the little town of Maastricht at the southern tip of the Netherlands to be this lively, but even during the gloomy cold winter time there’s lots going on surrounding the carnival. Maastricht proclaims itself to the the carnival capital of the world, no less. You might think that’s a bit overdoing it, […]

11 Feb, 2015 in Mexico City
Lucha libre Mexican Wrestling (1)

This was, by far, the strangest cultural experience I’ve had while visiting Mexico City. I knew nothing about this Lucha Libre and had no idea what to expect, but the hour or so at the Arena Coliseo with masked chubby Mexican wrestlers and the very enthusiastic local Mexican crowd turned out to be a night […]

9 Sep, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Jincheng ghost clearing - Kinmen (21)

On my recent visit to the Taiwanese Jinmen island I had a very unexpected surprise. The annual City God birthday festival was taking place in the island that week  and festivities were grander than ever. The night before the celebrations in Jincheng Town I was surprised to find that the festivities actually begin a day […]

23 Aug, 2011 in HK Events, HKUST
PlanetSolar at HKUST-48.JPG

Planet Solar, the solar powered boat that’s circling the world, has taken a short trip away from the Hong Kong harbour in Kowloon to visit us students at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). HKUST is located near the Sai Kung Peninsula which – aside from the breathing views – also …

24 Jul, 2009 in Cosplay, HKUST
Cosplay HKUST 2009 - Dating at UST -231.JPG

This is the fifth and last post about the HKUST hosted Cosplay event "Dating at UST 2009". Previous Cosplay posts of the event include: Gorgeous Cosplay Pairs : Dating-at-HKUST Cosplay Event Stunning Cosplayers : Dating-at-HKUST Cosplay Conference Beautiful Cosplay Players : Dating-at-HKUST …

21 Jul, 2009 in Cosplay, HKUST
Cosplay HKUST 2009 - Dating at UST -15.JPG

This is the second post of the HKUST hosted Cosplay event "Dating at UST 2009". Previous Cosplay posts of the event include:  Gorgeous Cosplay Pairs.   Following are some of stunning Cosplayers I saw at the event. …

14 Jun, 2009 in HK Events
June 4th memorial event 2009 (4).JPG

June 4th, 20:00, an estimated 150000 Hong Kong residents gathered at Causeway Bay’s Victoria Park to commemorate the Tiananmen Square 1989 tragic event. My sister and I were there as well. I was honestly surprised just how openly the issue is discussed and protested in Hong Kong. My university had various huge posters to …

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