29 Jun, 2017 in Rotterdam

I recently visited Rotterdam for a quick visit to see Erasmus University on a weekend. Dutch academia is doing very well, and Erasmus is one of the more modern Dutch universities that has been climbing up the world rankings, especially when it comes to the business school. It’s young, diverse, English friendly, and quite international. […]

24 Mar, 2016 in Eastern Spain
University of Girona Spain wall walk (6)

Girona was my first stop on the eastern Spain trip, since that’s where cheap Ryan Air flights land, but Girona is definitely deserving of a visit. It has a lovely historic Jewish quarter area and the panoramic views from the University of Girona campus from the top hill are terrific. Wanting to get a sense of […]

17 Apr, 2011 in Education in Taiwan
Taiwanese Higher-Education Internationalization

A few months back I was asked to report on my experiences with the Taiwanese education system as an international who studied there for a year. Since I wrote quite a lot about the positive side of my experience as living in Taiwan I get quite a few emails with questions regarding pursuing a degree […]

30 Aug, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections
The importance of studying Chinese - Israeli Prime Minster

The current Israeli prime minister – Benjamin Netayahu – spoke at the last Israeli Business Convention and elaborated the importance of introducing Chinese studies to the Israeli education system. I’ve known about this for quite a while, but I finally got around to listen to his speech.     Here’s …

28 Aug, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections
Growing Chinese studies trend - Israel

3 years after I wrote about the first signs of the Israeli Chinese studies trend and there are signs that the trend is still going strong (see “The Chinese Language Studies Trend in Israel” and “Channel 2 story : Israelis studying Chinese” for more info). Every once in a while, Israeli news channels rediscover this […]

30 Jun, 2010 in Rankings
Best Asian Universities - Rankings 2010

Looking for the best universities in Asia? There are so many rankings and lists out there, so it gets confusing. Let me try and help you…   Following is the top world university rankings for the Asian academic universities analyzed for year 2010. These rankings vary in methodology and the things they evaluate. …

31 Oct, 2009 in Hong Kong
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 2010/11

Hong Kong’s getting serious about globalization and attracting global academic talent this year with a new scheme for PhD fellowship that is quite generous. The Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC) announced last year that the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme will be offered to student applying for the 2010/11 academic year. Since I’m a […]

25 May, 2009 in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Global Education

South China Morning Post recently came out with a series of fascinating articles on the state of education in Hong Kong. As Hong Kong struggles to become an international education hub, HK media is reporting on the overwhelmingly increasing number of non-local students dominating the research positions in Hong Kong’s top universities. What does …

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