13 Jan, 2018 in Sicily

During our tour of Sicily we did a two nights stop at a lovely homestay Agriturismo Conte Ruggero in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, but a short ride from Mount Etna. We weren’t really expecting much in terms of events that evening, but we ventured into the nearby local town and were surprised […]

3 Dec, 2010 in Jerusalem
Old City Jerusalem Easter 2010 (36).JPG

After all this time, after all those years, I’m still rediscovering Jerusalem. Oddly enough, it’s not just me, but also those who are of higher authority in the history and culture of the old city of Jerusalem (e.g. my dad :P) are still able to rediscover new and fascinating things in unexpected places. …

3 Oct, 2010 in Jerusalem
Palm Sunday - Old City - Jerusalem - 2010 (14).JPG

I live abroad and try to travel often, but Jerusalem is where I’m from. It matters not how many times I walk around the tiny old city of Jerusalem, there’s always something new and magical to be discovered. Last Palm Sunday, around Easter time, I headed over to the old city for another tour of […]

20 Sep, 2010 in Jerusalem
Palm Sunday - Old City - Jerusalem - 2010 (67).JPG

Looking for a place to celebrate the festivities of Palm Sunday around Easter time? What better place than the holy city of Jerusalem? This last Palm Sunday I visited back home in Jerusalem and though I’ve lived in Jerusalem for many years this was the the first time in my life I caught the festivities […]

North Israel & Assaf 

There’ve been complaints, repeating ongoing complaints, that my personal blog rarely has anything personal. Hell, it rarely has any people in it. It’s true, I guess, I do try and maintain my friends’ privacy, but when it comes to my family – there’s no escape. During Easter, I went back from Hong Kong to …

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