15 Dec, 2017 in Visions

In my last month living in Europe I visited Tilburg University and took the opportunity to explore the area a bit. Not too far away from Tilburg is Breda, which I’ve been planning to stop by and see for a while. It’s a small lovely town, with the typical Dutch canals, public parks, and some […]

20 Jul, 2016 in Limburg
Wilhelmina Tower Vaalserberg Netherlands (1)

One of the great things of living in Maastricht down in the southern Dutch region of Limburg is that it’s very close to the border with Belgium and Germany. There is one area in Vaals, where you can stand on the exact point where the three countries supposedly meet. If you’re looking for grand panoramic scenic views of […]

2 May, 2016 in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Jewish museum Netherlands-001

In one of my recent visits to Amsterdam’s UvA, I stayed overnight at the campus area only to realize that nearby is the old Jewish area. I visited the Jewish Portuguese Synagogue, which was in a combined ticket with the holocaust memorial and the Amsterdam Jewish museum. I think the building itself is the former Ashkenazi synagogue, and […]

17 Jan, 2016 in Rotterdam, Visions
Visions of Rotterdam Netherlands (12)

Around newyears time I was visiting the Hague area and had a chance to drop in to the nearby Rotterdam for the first time to see the city in the freezing cold following a night of buzzing and partying. The city was pretty much deserted, and in most parts I could see left-overs of the wild […]

20 May, 2014 in Amsterdam
The Heineken Experience  Amsterdam (11)

I have a confession to make. I’m not much of a beer drinker. The country in which I was raised is ranked very low on the world rankings for beer consumption, and even among my fellow countrymen I have never been a keen drinker in comparison. It took me many years to really be able […]

13 May, 2014 in Netherlands
Zaanse Schans Netherlands-023

When people think about the Netherlands, usually the images of picturesque windmills next to farm fields and lakes comes to mind, with wooden shoes and cheese a close second. Well, Zaanse Schans is all that and more. Windmills, check, farm fields, you got it, lakes? water all over the place. Yep, it even has cheese […]

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