23 Sep, 2010 in Balkans, Friends & family
Balkans with dad 2010 (12).JPG

When visiting home shortly this summer break, my dad took me on a quick tour to the Balkans. Every 2.5 years or so, we try and do something together – 5 years ago in Australia (some photos here) and 2.5 years ago in India (photos together here)- though I’m sure both of us would like […]

25 Apr, 2008 in India
Around Mumbai.JPG

Last days of the trip I spent rediscovering Mumbai, which I kind of ran away from in my first day in India, hoping to catch a more relaxing country-side beach-side chillout. To get a good overview of Mumbai, my dad resulted to having a private tour-guide join us, who thankfully was English fluent and quite […]

23 Apr, 2008 in India
Cochin Indian homestay.JPG

From Bangalore, our final stop before heading back to Mumbai was Cochin. My dad was hoping to spend a quiet weekend where there’s somesort of a Jewish community, and Cochin certainly has the longest history of a Jewish community anywhere in India with the tourist attraction “Jew-town” (a name I feel utterly uncomfortable with, bringing […]

22 Apr, 2008 in India

Bangalore, as a general example of southern Indian cities, is a reminder that India can be different. More modern than Mumbai, more open than Delhi, cleaner than any of the other cities, Bangalore was a refreshing look at big Indian cities. Boys and girls holding hands, the ladies dressing up with cleavage, and all in-general […]

12 Apr, 2008 in India

We spent an exhausting night on a non-sleeper bus to Delhi, where – at 4:00am, we had to bargain our way through money thirsty Rickshaw drivers from the empty bus-station to the New Delhi train station where our train was going to take us further south. It was horrible. But, we finally made it to […]

27 Mar, 2008 in India

Varanasi in north-eastern India, we were told, is very crowded and far-off our Rajasthan track, but wanting to experience the holy Ganges ceremony, my dad was suggested that we head up to the holy city of Rishikesh and see it there. Luckily, the Shatabdi train ride was so much better than my train experience in […]

25 Mar, 2008 in India
Jama Masjid Delhi.JPG

I had a few hours to kill before my dad’s arrival to the Delhi Paharganj hell-hole. Same bullshit with that main bazaar road every time I step outside. I pick up a rickshaw, an English speaking guy comes up quickly and shoots out all the English speaking countries he ever heard of, and when I […]

20 Feb, 2008 in India
3 weeks of India travel - summary : India map with travel route

It was a crazy overwhelming 3 weeks in India. I don’t even know where to start with the 2 gigs of photos and videos I have. This is the Lonely Planet India map with a yellow line highlighting the route I did. You can see it was a bit spread out, starting off from …

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