5 Jul, 2018 in Nanjing, Visions

It’s been 6 years since I last visited Nanjing with my father, and I recently had a chance to go back and visit for a work-related trip. I had a day or so to also wonder around the university area and explore Nanjing on foot, which led me to see Nanjing in a new light […]

18 Mar, 2014 in Beijing
Beijing Hutongs (1)

The Beijing Hutongs are alley-ways all across Beijing that represent a traditional disappearing way of life. During my first visit to Beijing I stayed in a five star hotel near Tiananmen square completely disconnected from local life, so for the next two visits I made it my business to stay with more traditional Chinese houses […]

21 Oct, 2012 in Nanjing
Nanjing Confucius Temple (32).JPG

Overlooking Qin Huai River and not too far from old Nanjing walls and the Gate of China is the Nanjing Confucius Temple featuring one of the biggest statues of the great teacher. In Taiwan I’ve been told that Confucian temples generally are not suppose to have statues, just scrolls, but this doesn’t seem to be […]

9 Jul, 2010 in Shanghai
Confucius Temple Shanghai 

Confucian temples are usually not as exciting as Daoist folk temples, but there is something unique about them that offers a special appeal. Shanghai’s Confucius Temple (上海文廟), though a bit off the tourist beaten track and despite not looking like much from the outside, is a good example of that. Here’s a bit about …

31 Jan, 2009 in Taipei
Taipei Fine Arts Museum-2.JPG

Upon my mother’s arrival to Taiwan, we started off with a few days in Taipei (check out the super detailed Taipei visit itinerary on Taiwanderful, professional, eh?). We spent the first day visiting National Palace Museum and catching a cultural show at Taipei Eye. The second day we started off at the Taipei Fine …

3 Nov, 2007 in Taiwan

I don’t get any of it, I really don’t. I ask the Taiwanese that I know ALOT of questions, but aside from having language barriers, it seems that the new generation I meet can not explain most of what I ask about. That’s not very surprising, as I find that when people ask me about the […]

1 Oct, 2007 in Chinese culture, Taiwan
Confucius day at Tainan Confucius Temple-6.JPG

At 03:00am the alarm goes off. I just went to sleep not too long before that, so – being a bit fuzzy – I make my way into some cloths and out on the motorbike. The streets are quiet, with just a few 24 hours convenience stores, restaurants and pubs running in street corners. I […]

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