28 Dec, 2016 in Madrid, Visions

Visited Spain during holiday time to warm up a bit, venturing into a new area of central Spain that I haven’t been to yet. While visiting Madrid, I took a quick daytrip to Toledo without doing any prior homework, and had the most wonderful surprise. Although the day started out foggy, with almost zero visibility, […]

4 Feb, 2014 in Beijing
Xishiku Church of the Saviour Cathedral  Beijing (5)

To my surprise, Beijing has a bit of a religious diversity. I wasn’t expecting to find anything other than Daoist, Buddhist or Confucian temples, but it turns out the colonial powers have managed to infiltrate in and somehow survive communism. Xishiku Cathedral, or Church of the Saviour, is the largest of the churches, dating back […]

9 Aug, 2013 in Puerto Rico
Cathedral de San Juan Bautista (12)

Up the road from Casa Museo Felisa Rincon de Gautier in Old San Juan is the Cathedral de San Juan Bautista dating back to the 16th century. Aside from the impressive exterior the cathedral is famous for being the place of rest for one Juan Ponce de Leon, who was Puerto Rico’s first governor after […]

29 Oct, 2012 in Taipei
Taipei Museum of World Religions (45).JPG

If the Puppetry Museum and the Museum of Drinking Water didn’t convince you there are lots of great little museums across Taipei, perhaps this one will – the Museum of World Religions. In my last visit to Taipei I made a special effort to try and visit some of the lesser known museums in Taipei […]

3 Dec, 2010 in Jerusalem
Old City Jerusalem Easter 2010 (36).JPG

After all this time, after all those years, I’m still rediscovering Jerusalem. Oddly enough, it’s not just me, but also those who are of higher authority in the history and culture of the old city of Jerusalem (e.g. my dad :P) are still able to rediscover new and fascinating things in unexpected places. …

11 Nov, 2010 in Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik - Croatia-120.JPG

After introducing Dubrovnik in Croatia as “best of the Balkans”, touring Dubrovnik’s old city walls and the local Dubrovnik Jewish museum and synagogue, it’s time to wrap up the Dubruvnik tour with a walking tour of the old city. And what a lovely old city it is, full of history and meaning.   …

20 Sep, 2010 in Jerusalem
Palm Sunday - Old City - Jerusalem - 2010 (67).JPG

Looking for a place to celebrate the festivities of Palm Sunday around Easter time? What better place than the holy city of Jerusalem? This last Palm Sunday I visited back home in Jerusalem and though I’ve lived in Jerusalem for many years this was the the first time in my life I caught the festivities […]

16 Oct, 2009 in Macau
Macau - Saint Dominic Church.JPG

Not too far away from Senado Square is the very picturous Saint Dominic’s Church (Igreja de São Domingos, 玫瑰堂). Finally on familiar grounds in China, I went in to meet my old pals from Jerusalem – Jesus, Maria, John and Jesus’ Twelve. This church dates back as early as 1587 and is declared a UNESCO […]

15 Sep, 2009 in Istanbul
Blue Mosque Istanbul.JPG

The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, located at Istanbul’s old city and within walking distance from one another, are gorgeous landmarks of Turkish history and architecture. …

28 Jul, 2008 in Jerusalem
Overlooking Jerusalem from Tower of the Church of the Redeemer

Jerusalem’s special. A person can spend a lifetime living here and still not grasp the depths of this city, the vast history, the diverse culture, the impossible politics, the spirit of what Jerusalem is. This Saturday I joined the municipal tour through the old city of Jerusalem towards the Kidron stream valley in East Jerusalem […]

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