9 Jun, 2016 in Frankfurt
Frankfurt Chinese Garden-002

A Chinese garden is not exactly one of the highlights I expected to find in Frankfurt, but the Chinese garden at Bethmann Park is rather large and surprisingly charming. Over 4000sqm in space it was aimed to mirror the Shiukou Gardens in Huizhou. There are various Chinese ponds, pagodas, and little gardens, offering a very chilled environment […]

29 Oct, 2014 in Shenzhen
Dafen Artist Oil Painting Village - Shenzhen-001

Just before leaving Hong Kong I was invited to join an artist friend to revisit the surreal Dafen Artist Oil Painting Village in Shenzhen. It’s the place where you can get any painting faked for pennies. The artist friend was commissioned to do a large scale piece and the idea agreed upon with the customer […]

1 Jul, 2014 in Beijing
Beijing University Campus-051

Mid winter I was invited to Beijing University to give an academic talk and took this opportunity to get to know this beatiful and historical campus. To those who don’t know, Beijing University is among the best – if not the very best – of Chinese academia, and in my field they’re definitely on the […]

4 Feb, 2014 in Beijing
Xishiku Church of the Saviour Cathedral  Beijing (5)

To my surprise, Beijing has a bit of a religious diversity. I wasn’t expecting to find anything other than Daoist, Buddhist or Confucian temples, but it turns out the colonial powers have managed to infiltrate in and somehow survive communism. Xishiku Cathedral, or Church of the Saviour, is the largest of the churches, dating back […]

27 Jan, 2014 in Macau
Kun Lam Temple Macau (19)

A bit off the beaten track for the casino hungry Macau tourist and not as well known as A-Ma temple is the very old Kun Iam Temple dating back to the 17th (some say 14th) century before the Portuguese took hold of Macau. It’s dedicated to the venerate Kun Iam, the Chinese god of mercy, […]

5 Jan, 2012 in HK Events
Dragon and Lion Dance Extravaganza - HK - 2012 (20).JPG

Happy new year! hope you had yourselves a grand celebration. In Hong Kong, as usual, we’ve got some of the world’s top festivities. Amazing fireworks, great parties and some nice cultural events. But that’s just a teaser for the real newyears, our newyears, the Chinese New Year 😛 and we’ll be rocking it this year […]

2 Jan, 2012 in Itineraries, Shenzhen
Shenzhen - China : 6 Days Travel Itinerary

Most people visiting this region target Hong Kong and Macau, as well they should, but contrary to what most people might think, there are also some terrific things to do in the nearby Shenzhen and if you have a few days it’s a city worth visiting. There are some world class theme parks, cultural attractions, […]

23 Oct, 2011 in Cebu
Yap Sandiego Heritage House - Cebu (2).JPG

Not too sure what to call the Yap Sandiego Heritage House in Cebu City . When I finally found it after venturing uncomfortably on foot through Cebu City I was a bit surprised. True, it was the first “attraction” I saw in the Philippines, but I still wasn’t prepared to the scale of things. …

3 Jul, 2011 in Chinese Studies
Big Bang Theory : Sheldon Speaking Chinese

I’m a very late comer to Big Bang Theory (生活大爆炸), which is kind of feat considering the fact that I’m studying for a PhD and this is considered the "PhD show". I’ve been observing my Chinese research roommates watch this show during their lunch for quite some time but it was only recently that I’ve […]

14 Oct, 2009 in Macau
Macau - Senado Square-2.JPG

Macau is a fascinating place. With a surreal mixture of European Portuguese architecture next to monstrous shiny world-class casinos in a Chinese atmosphere, it all gets  quite overwhelming. Somehow, those striking contrasts co-exists in Macau in an appealing balance. Last weekend, I made a quick visit to Macau with a good friend and …

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