14 Aug, 2014 in Singapore
Haw Par Mansion - Singapore (2)

The strangest attraction I’ve been to in Singapore is probably Haw Par Mansion, a trip into kitsch and bad taste once intended as an amusement park introducing the wonders to Chinese mythology and Confucianism. It’s way past its glory days, and I visited it was completely deserted. The few Singaporeans I talked to and mentioned […]

17 Nov, 2013 in New York City
China Town - NYC (3)

To get a taste of home during my exchange to the states, I joined my mother during our joint visit to New York last year to explore the NYC China Town, one of the most famous China Towns in the world. It was actually much more humble than I remembered it from my last visit […]

22 Sep, 2013 in Chicago
Chicago China Town (7).JPG

Since having moved to Hong Kong I can’t help myself but visit the China towns in places I visit across the world. Most North-American cities have a large population of Chinese immigrants with a lively China town and I find it absolutely fascinating how culturally enclosed those neighborhoods usually are and how those stand in […]

17 Feb, 2013 in Taipei
Lin An Tai House & Museum Taipei (10).JPG

It’s quite remarkable just how many terrific specialty museums Taipei has. I recently came across MKL’s "List of Museums in Taipei" covering many of my recent discoveries and much much more and it just blows your mind. In my last visit to Taipei I made it my mission to get off the beaten …

21 Dec, 2012 in Beijing
Forbidden city Beijing (2).JPG

If there was ever any place that I’ve really wanted to visit in China long before I ever knew what China was really about, it was probably Beijing – with its Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. The many Chinese movies that I’ve watched featuring Chinese emperors and Chinese politics taking place in […]

30 Nov, 2012 in Beijing
Laoshe Tea House - Beijing (25).JPG

Perhaps the most obvious cultural attraction in Beijing is to catch a local performance featuring acrobats and a "Peking opera". There are plenty of options for you to choose from, but somehow we decided on the options that tries to blend that with a feel for an old Beijing tea house. We made our way […]

9 Jul, 2011 in Chinese culture
New York Jew in China : Exploring Chinese society

A Yiddish speaking New York Jew reporter Ross (Shmuel) Perlin covers China in a series of terrific videos discussing China and Chinese culture. With his relative fluency in Mandarin Chinese, Perlin goes around China taking a look at some very fundamental issues underlying Chinese society. First time I saw those Yiddish videos I …

11 Jun, 2011 in Shanghai
Shanghai Museum (1).JPG

Located just off from People’s Square is the relatively new and architecturally impressive Shanghai Museum, hosting a large variety of Chinese related artifacts. With 4 floors and over 11 galleries and special exhibitions showing over a 120000 artifacts, there’s really a lot to see and it can get a bit overwhelming at times. If you […]

23 Mar, 2010 in HK Events
Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair 2010 

Ever wondered what a 500 feet dragon would look like?  Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair is an annual Hong Kong event at the local Hung Shing temple in Kowloon running various Chinese cultural performances for a whole day. The highlight of the day, in the evening, is the 500 feet dragon dance. …

8 Oct, 2009 in HK Events
Mid Autumn Festival - Lanterns - Victoria Park-19.JPG

The main official Hong Kong festivities were held at Victoria Park between Causeway Bay and Tin Hau MTR stations. The event ran for a few days, including large lanterns and a few local Chinese culture stages with Cantonese opera, Chinese puppet shows, acrobatics etc. I went down there with a few exchange students from …

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