8 Jun, 2019 in Koh Samui

During Chinese/Lunar New Year I escaped Hong Kong to Thailand, and found my way to the southern island of Ko Samui. I did not intend to but the beach hotel I got was right next to China Town and so I was very lucky to catch the very lively local celebrations near the local template. […]

24 Mar, 2019 in Koh Samui, Visions

This Chinese new year, I returned to Thailand after 14 years of being away. I can’t imagine why it took me so long. Especially having lived in Asia for a few years since. But I’m very glad that I did. My visit to Koh Samui, which I remembered as an over-touristy commercialized island, compared to […]

9 Mar, 2017 in Visions, Yangon

For years I’ve been wanting to visit Myanmar (Burma) but somehow throughout the long time that I’ve lived in Asia I’ve failed to visit. It was only recently on a business trip to Asia that I was able to take a weekend+ to go see Yangon and Bagan, the obvious highlights, and get a taste […]

10 Nov, 2015 in Vancouver

Vancouver has a very large population of Hong Kong and Chinese people. So much so that it’s sometimes called Hongcouver, and large areas of Vancouver have a majority Chinese population. Since I spent a very long time in Hong Kong, I thought I would feel at home in these areas, and for the most part […]

2 Sep, 2015 in Vancouver, Visions
Visions of Vancouver Canada (20)

Last time I visited Vancouver was almost 15 years ago in a former life as an IT professional and part of a weekend trip from Microsoft Redmond country near Seattle. I couldn’t really recall much from that visit aside from the gloomy weather, grey skies with occasional showers, and the surprising number of Hong Kong […]

20 Nov, 2014 in San Francisco
filination 2014.2.21 660472250517190188_31351308

San Francisco was a very pleasant surprise. I had unpleasant memories of San Francisco when I visited around the year 2000, and so wasn’t sure what to expect, but San Francisco turned out to be a gorgeous city, and one of the many ways you can enjoy this city is by foot.   …

9 Jun, 2014 in Singapore, Visions
Singapore visit (43)

How time flies. It’s been 9 years since I visited Singapore during my backpacking tour of Asia. I have fond memories of Singapore, I remember it as the first place I saw of developed Asia. It truly impressed me and has lit up my interest in seeing more of Chinese cultures. This month, I was […]

12 Mar, 2014 in Los Angeles
LosAngeles tin hau temple (8)

Los Angeles has a large China Town, so naturally I had to pay my respects to my cultural heritage. It’s a pretty solid typical China Town, with your average Chinese restaurant and old Chinese people sitting in small rooms playing Mahjhong while listening to squeaking Chinese opera tunes, but if you’re looking for something a […]

22 Sep, 2013 in Chicago
Chicago China Town (7).JPG

Since having moved to Hong Kong I can’t help myself but visit the China towns in places I visit across the world. Most North-American cities have a large population of Chinese immigrants with a lively China town and I find it absolutely fascinating how culturally enclosed those neighborhoods usually are and how those stand in […]

3 Jun, 2013 in New York City
Eldrige Street Synagogue Museum : China Town - New York City

The Eldrige Street Museum was a lovely unexpected surprise, being based in an old 1887 synagogue of the former Jewish community that once lived near today’s China Town. I came up from an exchange in Florida to cold New York City to meet my sister who was on an exchange to NYU, where I met […]

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